Celebrity Pastry Week At Villa De Palmar Loreto

When anyone mentions Loreto, many people confuse it with Laredo, Texas. Loreto, a city on Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, is a small town with fewer than 15,000 people. Unlike other popular Mexican vacation destinations, the land is undeveloped and uncommercialized. Until recently the city's only international airline service was from Los Angeles on a small Alaska Airlines plane.


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Anthropologists consider Loreto to be the oldest human settlement on the Baja Peninsula. Home to a number of volcanic islands, lagoons, and wetlands, Loreto hosts a stunning variety of wildlife species and is designated by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site.


To help attract more visitors to this "new" destination, the area's largest resort, The Villa del Palmar, has been upping its culinary game in hopes of putting Loreto on the map. Their most recent foodie event was a Celebrity Pastry Week, which ran from June 4 to June 9.


Hosted by Jonathan Bennett (known for his roles in the film Mean Girls and Food Network's Cupcake Wars) and featuring celebrity pastry chefs Johnny Iuzzini and Devin Alexander, the trio led a week full of cooking lessons and made exclusive dishes for the extravaganza. Click through the gallery to find out more about the Celebrity Pastry Week!