This Video Proves That Making Chocolate Is a Delicious Art Form

This video features the handwork of pastry chef Amaury Guichon of Jean Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas

Delicate. Mesmerizing. We keep watching this video over and over.

Is chocolate-making an art form? When you’re on the receiving end of a piece of candy, you’re probably thinking about satisfying your sweet tooth rather than the process that goes into making the chocolate. Enter this viral video featuring the intricate handiwork of chef Amaury Guichon of Jean Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas, known for crafting chocolates that look like objects (like this chocolate peanut butter calendar) or chocolate favorites that go above and beyond your aesthetic expectations (like these éclairs).

You can peruse his Instagram all day, but this video, produced by Bored Panda, features live-action chocolate molding. The sheer amount of tools used to create rippled dark-and-white-chocolate sticks is mind-boggling. Even a toothpick is used to create the tiny grooves in a spinning chocolate record, while a paintbrush finishes off the product with a coating of shiny dark chocolate “paint.”

You can see the entire video below. Don’t blame us if your stomach starts to growl.