Top Rated Churro Recipes

Churro French Toast
Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? Either way, this sweet take on French toast will certainly add some pizazz to your morning.This recipe is courtesy of Pete and Gerry’s
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churro lemon cream sandwich
When life gives you lemons, make churro lemon cream sandwiches. These sweet treats are made of bright lemon whipped cream sandwiched between two crispy churro disks coated in cinnamon sugar.Recipe courtesy of Muy Bueno
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Who doesn't enjoy churros? One of the best snacks we grew up with from amusement parks, festivals, and carnivals, they're something we can't say no to. Now you can make them at home. Eat them plain or with a cup of hot chocolate to dip in. This recipe is by Kathy Hunt and was originally published in the Chicago Tribune.
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