These Are the Best Over-the-Top Backyard Grills

These Are the Best Over-the-Top Backyard Grills

If you’ve got money to burn and steaks to grill, check out this list right away!
These Are the Best Over-the-Top Backyard Grills

When weather begins to improve, there is a fundamental desire to be outside as much as possible, taking in good weather, drinking icy beverages and enjoying the gentle waft of a warm summer breeze. This need to make the most of the best spring, summer, and even autumn days makes alfresco cooking and dining a go-to option for many (during the week as well as the weekend) during the milder months.

For many, lighting up the grill on the first nice day of the year is a momentous occasion, but if you don’t already own a grill, choosing one for the first time can be a daunting process. There are so many options available and so much grill jargon to wade through that a few minutes spent googling grills can end up costing you an entire afternoon — definitely a waste of a sunny day.

But don’t fret, because we at The Daily Meal are here to help with this list of the best over-the-top grills as well as some of our top grilling related stories — for some extra inspiration and advice!

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To curate this list, we turned to our sister site Best Reviews, a website devoted to buying and testing an array of different products in order to recommend those that they feel are the very best quality and value. We pored through their pages of recommended grills and looked at every kind of grill they had reviewed, from charcoal and gas grills to pellet grills, kamado (Japanese ceramic grills), and natural gas grills. We also searched Amazon and looked at those grills that were Amazon best sellers and had the highest number of positive reviews. Along with a brief description of each grill (all the technical nitty-gritty) we have also included excerpts of some of the reviews (some of which we’ve edited gently for clarity), which can offer insight into why customers love these grills as much as they do!


These over-the-top grills are all pieces of equipment that cost more than $500, with many of them costing significantly more than that base amount. These are the grills you should buy if money is no obstacle — your dream grills that will last many, many years and are beautiful to look at. These outdoor kitchen investments are bigger than some cheaper grills, more powerful, and have all sorts of bells and whistles, like smokers and searing stations. Whether you are ready to spend that kind of money on a grill or you are just window shopping, read on to learn about the best over-the-top backyard grills!