25 Grilling Gadgets That Are Less Than $25 Slideshow

Cuisinart Hot Dog Roller

Get your hot dogs here! With the Cuisinart Hot Dog Roller ($19.99), you can evenly cook hot dogs over your grill’s open flame with ease and confidence. Load five dogs onto the rollers in a cinch to keep them far from both the grill’s dirty grate and open flame for char-free franks. While ballparks now cannot hold a candle to your mad doggin’ skills, you can still look to them for inspiration for how to further knock your guests’ taste buds out of the park.

Cuisinart Cast-Iron Grill Press

If you're look to maintain your beach body without compromising your summer grilling experiences, don’t just keep pressing weights. Use the Cuisinart Cast-Iron Grill Press ($19.15) to melt away the fat on all of your meats. Heating up the grooves on your press can reduce cooking time and create perfect grill marks on the top part of your meat while its bottom half sizzles away. Want to get even more creative? Throw a summer panini on the rack and use the press for a perfectly grilled sandwich. 

Grill Daddy Pro Brush

No matter your proficiency for elbow grease, the caked-on mess a grill can leave behind could put the best scrubber to shame. Granted, there are plenty of ways to keep your grill squeaky-clean and food-safe without a grill brush, but the Grill Daddy Pro Brush ($22.71) is still a splendid gadget to own. Stainless steel bristles make this tool cast-iron-safe, and it’s innovatively powered by steam to remove the toughest baked-on grease.

Finger lickin’ good and seductively succulent, ribs on the grate should be a summer staple in your home. Grilling ribs is truly an art form, since ribs were meant to be enjoyed after hours of low temperature cooking. A Folding Rib Rack ($14.99) places your ribs upright for easy basting and far from the flame to prevent charring, even when left on the grill for longer sessions. After you’ve cooked up your ssignature summer dish, you can easily transport it from flame to table with its convenient handles. When you’re done, pack it away neatly by simply folding it up.

Cuisinart Potato Rack

Baked potatoes and steak are the peanut butter and jelly of the grilling world. But when the grill is already fired up, who wants to run inside to wait for forever for a baked potato cooking away in the oven? Do not fear the open flames for your spuds with the Cuisinart Potato Rack ($15.23), a simple stainless steel accessory that will help cook your potato evenly, quickly, and infuse it with seriously smoky flavor. To kick up the average baked potato, try adding fresh summer ingredients to enhance the already flavorful side dish. 

Cast-Iron Double Burger Griller

If your grill had feelings (and we’re not entirely convinced that such a beautiful machine doesn’t), it would feel deprived if you never made burgers on it all summer. Do your grill a favor and invest in the Cast-Iron Double Burger Griller ($23.99) so you can enjoy evenly cooked, less fattening beef patties. You could even forget the beef and treat yourself to a flavorful salmon burger that everyone will enjoy.

Cherry Grilling Papers

Throwing your favorite meat on the grill is not enough to get that smoky flavor you crave. Soak Cherry Grilling Papers ($13.95) in wine, whiskey, or marinades and throw them on the grill with your favorite main course and each bite you take will be a memorable one. Try using already boozy dishes to get creative ideas for your next BBQ pit party.

Bear Paws BBQ Meat Handlers

Rough. Carnal. Macho. All of these buzz words finely describe what it feels like to cook a big piece of meat on the grill artfully. Up the ante with Bear Paws BBQ Meat Handlers ($11.95), so you can savagely grab your succulent dish and serve your guests with ease. It proves to be perfect for transporting and carving grilled goodies, like whole roasted turkeys.

Folding Leg or Wing Rack

Set it and forget it hardly ever applies to grilling, hence why the grill master is such an important title. It takes a strong person to resist the urge to mingle over some brews with their friends so they can concentrate on the grill. But a tool like the Folding Leg or Wing Rack ($5.50) makes it possible, as it vertically suspends wings or legs inside the grill and requires no turning.

Grill Floss Grill Grate Cleaning Tool

A clean grill is a happy grill, friends. After a summer of burgers, wings, and whole steaks charring away on your grates, you will have residue. A Grill Floss Grill Grate Cleaning Tool ($24.95) can get the job done in ways an average brush can’t. This tough little gadget will grind away dirt in hard-to-reach places, so your food remains untainted after each use.

Weber Original Poultry Roaster

Expensive rotisserie ovens can take up space and time you may not have when you desire flavorful chicken. With the help of the Weber Original Poultry Roaster ($16.99), you can plop a whole bird on the grill without fear of charring or uneven cooking. Just close the lid and let all of the smoky glory your grill provides crisp the skin and lock in the flavorful juices.

Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Skewers

Who ever said "don’t play with your food" clearly never had the Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Skewers ($9.95) for their grill. These bendable skewers can adjust to a plastic bag size for marinating time, hold way more food than the average wooden skewer, and easily drape over the grill's side to make flipping easy. Just throw these puppies on the grill and let them sizzle.

Corn Griller Basket

From creamed to sweetened, corn has many ways to be enjoyed, but nothing compares to throwing a husk on the grill. The Corn Griller Basket ($14.95) allows corn to be easily flipped and blackened. It also comes with a long handle to keep fingers far from the flames. You can get creative with your corn flavoring or just simply serve with butter for a smoky summer treat.

Grillmark Seasoning Injector

Forget becoming a grill master and aim to become a grill surgeon. With tools like the Grillmark Seasoning Injector ($4.99), artfully injecting flavor into your main grilled dish is easy. You can play with a plethora of homemade mixes to create a truly delicious signature dish.

Brinkmann Cast-Iron Smoker Box

We all use the grill to lock in that flavor our ovens and stovetops just can’t provide. A Brinkmann Cast-Iron Smoker Box ($11.97) directs smoke right toward your food. Not only does it keep those steaks smoky, it also reduces the amount of mess your grill produces.

Jalapeño Pepper Roaster

Your grill has cooked many a main dish in its day. Why not spice it up? Your barbecue can be good for crowd-pleasing appetizers, too, so try the Jalapeño Pepper Roaster ($19.95). This nifty device allows peppers to stand upright, keeping stuffing in and roasting them beautifully.

Brinkmann Basting Mop and Bowl

When smothering smothered barbeque chicken in the magic sauce, it feels like a crime when you lose even a drop to the iron grate. With the Brinkmann Basting Mop and Bowl ($7.97) you can brush your dish with marinade without causing grill flare-ups or missing an inch of the meat. The stainless steel bowl has measurements markers and a convenient rest handle that can hold the brush for easy usage and storage.

Weber Charcoal Grill Tool Holder

Whether you are in the kitchen or in the backyard, organization is key to creating perfectly timed meals. Any home chef will tell you the true sense of panic that rises when what you need is out of reach. Never lose sight of your tools with the Weber Charcoal Grill Tool Holder ($3.99), a simple rack that hangs off of your grill to keep tools in their most useful spot.

Grill Pro Food Umbrella

Any frequent griller knows that the job involves more than just managing the pit. You are a ninja: flipping meat at the perfect time, keeping kids away from the flames, and making sure pesky pests — from hungry dogs to nasty flies — stay far away from your perfectly grilled feast. Take some help from the Grill Pro Food Umbrella ($5.39), a mesh cover that protect foods from small bugs and maybe even from your human "grazers" that just can’t wait until mealtime.

Apron Tool Set

Live like a true summer warrior with this cost-effective Apron Tool Set ($14.49). Not only does it include a spatula, tongs, fork, grill mitt, and salt and pepper shakers, it’s also all conveniently wrapped up in a heavy-duty apron. After you’re done with all of your tools, place them back in the apron and easily roll and snap them into place for simple storage.

Grill Pro Mini Barbecue Lighters

You won’t get very far on the grill without a flame. Instead of wasting time with matches, get your coals cooking with help from these low-priced Grill Pro Mini Barbecue Lighters ($5.39). These child-safe lighters can have your grill going in no time with an easy button/trigger ignition and adjustable flame settings.

Magneto Towel Holder

Having everything at your fingertips is key for a good griller, and the smallest details help in perfecting a grilled meal. Have the Magneto Towel Holder ($15.85) attached to any flat surface of your grill (steel or plastic areas) to keep your hands and cooking area super clean.

Nonstick Triple Fish Basket

Have friends who love to bring their daily catches over from their fishing excursions? Put them to good, delicious use with this roomy Nonstick Triple Fish Basket ($15.99). With plenty of space to add vegetables for flavoring, you can fit up to three whole fish for evenly cooked summer catches.

Infusion Cooker

From delicate dishes to hearty meats, your grill can handle anything with this Infusion Cooker ($23.99). This multi-purpose grill-top cooker creates a moisture-locking chamber around your grill dishes, like fresh vegetables, and even comes with flavor-smoking chips to add extra zing to your grill top. It also reduces fat content by eliminating the need for oils or salts to keep your dishes flavorful.

Steven Raichlen Large Stainless Steel Grill Ring with Spike

When people think of barbecue, standard dishes come to mind, like burgers and steaks, and most don’t even dream of putting certain vegetables or fruits on the grill because of their shape or consistency. Get ready to leave your oven behind this summer with Steven Raichlen’s extremely simple Large Stainless Steel Grill Ring with Spike ($6.99). You can easily roast the unimaginable, from whole cabbages to stuffed peppers. For even more convenience, adjust the gadget to use the spike or just the grill ring to accommodate your dishes even better.