11 Apple Pie Recipes Better Than Mom's

Apple pie is an American classic, flavored with nostalgia — but it doesn't always even have to be actual pie

Salted Caramel Apple Pie// Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Classic apple pie is comprised of the following elements: buttery flaky crust, tart apples stewed in sugar and spice, and nostalgia. There is no better flavoring in the world than nostalgia — especially when it concerns mom’s version of this American classic. During World War II, young soldiers who were asked why they were marching off to war would sometimes respond, “For mom and apple pie.”

In this following recipe collection, we share traditional as well as not-so-traditional preparations of apple pie; some are simple, some complex. Some aren't even really pies, though they reproduce the flavor of the dish. Pick your favorite, try it out, but above all remember that even if your pie is better than mom’s, maybe it’s best not to tell her… because mother always knows best, no matter what.  


Editor’s note concerning pie crust: Some bakers swear by vegetable shortening, but for us, the crust is all about the butter. And the better the butter, the better the pie crust. Seriously, I’ve known novice bakers who produce expert-level pies just by using quality butter.