'Coffee Town' Is Finally Being Released Tomorrow

CollegeHumor is releasing the long awaited, hipster-ish, coffee comedy, Coffee Town this week. Tomorrow, July 9th, the low-budget (under $1 million) movie will be released through a variety of vehicles including iTunes, Amazon, PlayStation, and on-demand platforms. The goal? Making the independent film successful without a theater release. 

By avoiding theaters, you avoid all the extra fees that go into paying for advertisements and getting into theaters. "Something like Coffee Town we believe can find an audience without those bells and whistles," said Ricky Van Veen, the co-founder of CollegeHumor, to to the Los Angeles Times. And what exactly is the audience? College kids, or at least people with college kid humor.

Although low-budget, the movie stars well-known actors and actresses including Glenn Howerton, Josh Groban, and Adrianne Palicki, and is directed by Brad Copeland (Arrested Development screenwriter). 

The 90-minute film aims to be a relevant movie in the comedy genre; Copeland even noted to the Los Angeles Times that "it would be great if this became the kind of movie people watch on Comedy Central 10 years from now." The website has drawn more than two billion page views, 4.7 million subscribers, and 11 Webby awards over its 14 year existence.