College Women Drink More Heavily Than Men, According to Study

It may not be the frat guys drinking all the beer at your party after all

Men, think about this the next time you try to go shot for shot with the ladies. According to the study “Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research,” conducted by Bettina Hoeppner, college women drink more than the healthy limit for them more times than men do.

This is on top of research already put out by the London School of Economics saying that women who are attending or have attended college for any amount of time are twice as likely to drink heavily than those who chose not to opt for secondary education.

While it looks like college women may be the ones drinking all the beer at the house party, it's not quite that simple. According to FoodBeast, the research was based on the medical limits that men and women should have on drinking — according to the NIAAA, that means men should stick to five drinks a day, and fourteen drinks a week and women can drink four drinks a day and seven drinks a week.

But, before you go throwing away all your champagne flutes and keg taps, know that when the report was put out, the researchers understood how low this number could seem, especially to college students.


“For many at-risk drinkers, the NIAAA drinking guidelines may seem unrealistically low and could potentially result in the loss of credibility,” said the report as quoted on Hack College. “Nevertheless, excluding weekly limits from discussion could be a missed opportunity for lifelong learning.”