Chicago’s Wiener’s Circle Dressed Up as McDowell's From 'Coming to America'

Wiener’s Circle dressed up as the restaurant from ‘Coming to America’

Chicago's Wiener's Circle dressed up for Halloween as the restaurant from Coming to America. 

While the bar- and restaurant-goers of the world have likely spent weeks, or at least hours, putting together impressive costumes for Halloween, they were all shown up this week when famed Chicago hot dog restaurant Wiener’s Circle won Halloween when it decided to dress up as McDowell’s, the restaurant from Coming to America.

In Coming to America, Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem gets a job at a McDonald’s knockoff called McDowell’s, which has its own set of golden arches and a signature sandwich called the “Big Mick” and is located across the street from an actual McDonald’s. This Halloween, according to DNAinfo, Wiener’s Circle changed all its signage and employee uniforms to match the McDowell’s look from the movie. Wiener’s Circle is also across the street from a McDonald’s.

This is the first time the restaurant has decided to “dress up” for Halloween, but people seem to be loving it, even though changing all the signs and uniforms was pretty expensive.

"It was definitely costly," said general manager Scott Booker. "We're not going to make any money this week but we wanted to make a splash."


In addition to the signs and uniforms, the restaurant even started handing out “McDowell’s” menus and hung an “employee of the month” award featuring comedian Louie Anderson, who played McDowell’s employee Maurice in the movie.