That Rude Hot Dog Restaurant The Wiener’s Circle Might Expand Outside Chicago

Chicago’s The Wiener’s Circle might be coming to a city near you
The Wiener's Circle

Photo Modified: Flickr/Nicolas Henderson/CC 4.0

The Wiener’s Circle in Chicago maybe just as famous for insulting customers as for their hot dogs.

Have you heard of the popular hot dog restaurant in Chicago that throws insults at you? It might be expanding nationally.

The Wiener’s Circle attracts tourists from everywhere for their hot dogs, sure, but also because their employees are known to insult you to your face. Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien famously sent actor Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to visit the restaurant, if you want a glimpse at how the rude service can occasionally be playful. But there have also been more than a few significant reports over the years of the shtick being taken too far.

Now, the hot dog stand has been sold to a group of investors who may have designs on opening locations beyond the flagship in Lincoln Park and a new outpost in Las Vegas. Original owners Larry Gold and Barry Nemerow managed The Wiener’s Circle for 33 years and are now passing the torch to the new owners.

“We’re very aware of what makes the place special, and people who come to the restaurant will continue to expect that,” Matt Brewer, one of its new owners, told The Chicago Tribune. “There will be some changes over time, but it’ll still look and feel like the restaurant they know and love.”


There are no specifications as to what these changes will be, but the vulgarity from the workers is expected to remain the same. Menu expansions and location openings beyond Chicago are being considered.