Champagne Cocktails to Help You Celebrate Spring

It's time to pop the bubbly: light and refreshing champagne cocktails for spring
Champino Cocktail Demo from Pegu Club

Champagne cocktails for spring.

It's not that we don't love the season of mulled wine, hot toddies, and spiced cocktails, but let's face it — we're ready to store away the hot and spicy cocktails of winter much like we're ready to shed our huge sleeping bag-esque winter coats. That's why these light, floral, bubbly cocktails are most definitely on our radar as the season starts to change to spring

There's more than one way to incorpoorate the new ingredients of spring into your cocktails — with that, we love anything floral and fruity to pair with our bubbles. Passion fruit and hibiscus are two of the hottest ingredients for spring, and aer both easy to use in a cocktail. One of the easiest spirits to use in a spring champagne cocktail is vodka, but don't be turned off by the darker spirits of winter. Scotch, when paired with the right ingredients (like chamomile tea and yellow chartreuse), makes for a very light and refreshing cocktail for spring. 

Best of all? These cocktails are easy to make for spring parties. The Jaune Punch is perfect for an adult twist on a tea party, while the Chandon Rosé Granite will be the smash of the party (get it?). Click ahead for some champagne spring cocktails: 

Chandon Rosé Granite

Chandon Wild Hibiscus

Chandon Petal Power

Ultimat Sparkler

Jaune Punch

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