15 Cocktails to Celebrate Spring

Recipes for drinks to help you usher in the warm weather

Forget that for most of us, this past winter was easily one of the mildest in recent memory —that shouldn’t detract from any excitement over the fact that spring has finally arrived. We’re at the starting gate of that lovely but fleeting period of long, sunny days and just-warm-enough weather, and that seems as good a reason as any to raise a glass in celebration.

But what exactly should be gracing your glass? Some obvious things come to mind: aromatic gin, flowery St-Germain, and of course, any drink topped with the fresh, lively bubbles of sparkling wine. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that those favorite dark spirits need to be forced into hibernation behind the bar.

Bourbon is easily at home in a spring cocktail when it’s muddled with apricots, say, to make a unique twist on the classic Mint Julep. And dark, spiced rum? That belongs in a Dark ‘n Stormy, naturally, and there are few more iconic warm-weather cocktails than that.

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There’s plenty of inspiration to be had from the many fruits and vegetables at the farmers' market this time of year. Those incessantly buzzed-about ramps, for example, are wonderful pickled and mixed into the aptly titled Garden Gibson. Rhubarb, strawberries, apricots, even avocados have a place in your glass this spring. So go ahead, grab a shaker and get to cocktailing.