Sushi Restaurant with All Female Chefs Opens in Japan

Nadeshiko sushi restaurant has only female chefs

The Nadeshico Sushi restaurant in Tokyo's Akihabara neighborhood is entirely staffed by female sushi chefs. 

There are not a lot of female sushi chefs in Japan, and while famed sushi chef and Jiro Ono's son and heir Yoshikazu Ono says that is because women’s menstrual cycles mean they can’t taste fish properly, one new restaurant is bucking that trend with a roster of all female sushi chefs, and it looks like they can taste the sushi just fine.

According to Rocket News 24, the Nadeshico Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood has an entirely female staff of chefs, waitresses, and managers that are bucking stereotypes about women behind the counter.

A “nadeshiko” is a type of flower, and also a metaphor for an idealized personification of Japanese womanhood. The staff at Nadeshico Sushi all wear traditional kimono in the restaurant, and they all reportedly completed training courses in knife maintenance, rice preparation, and sushi preparation at the Tokyo Sushi Academy.


The restaurant sources its fish daily from the famed Tsukiji Fish Market, and in addition to traditional rolls, sashimi, and nigiri sushi, it also maintains a menu of “deko” sushi, which is arranged in lively preparations with cute shapes like frog faces and panda and cat heads.