Budweiser Brewery Tour in St. Louis

Welcome to the Tour

Welcome to the Anheuser-Busch Tour Center in St. Louis, Mo., where you will be greeted by guides with microphones who give history lectures on the place.

Transportation Trucks

Nostalgia is evoked with the old transportation trucks.


The tallest Clydesdale of the nearly 200 they own.

Beer Vats

Massive vats begin the brewing process.

The Old Brew House

The 1892 brew house is a sturdy reminder of Budweiser’s past, which used to school children at buildings around the brewery.

Rice Ingredient in Budweiser

Adolphus Busch decided to add rice to his lager beer, suiting the tastes of St. Louis workers sweating from the humidity and heat.


The mash tun heats the water and milled grain.

Budweiser Building

Budweiser has been brewing since 1876.


Bottling is mass-produced, efficient, and wonderful to witness.

Bottle Line

The bottles snake through the brewery.

Can Line #60

1,650 16-ounce cans are produced every minute at the St. Louis factory.

Tap Room

Time for a drink in the tap room!