Pepsi, Budweiser Team Up Against Coca-Cola for Super Bowl

It's all very Mean Girls-esque

Looks like Pepsi is buddying up to Bud Light; according to Ad Age, giant food companies Anheuser-Busch InBev (of Budweiser) and PepsiCo are teaming up against Coca-Cola to market for the Super Bowl.

The partnership involves joint promotions, in-store marketing, and advertisements building up to the big game. Sample ads involve images with two bags of Doritos, two bottles of Pepsi and two bottles of Bud Light, the Super Bowl Logo, and the catchphrase "Super Bowl. Super Team. Super Party."

Coca-Cola has yet to comment on this joining of forces, but this is the first time Bud Light and Pepsi will be marketed together.

"We've worked well together as official [NFL] sponsors," said Paul Chibe, AB- InBev's VP for U.S. marketing, told Ad Age. Of course, despite all this talk of "working well together," Budweiser and Pepsi will still air separate commercials during the game. How very Gretchen Weiners of them.


According to Ad Age, this isn't the first time the two companies have jumped in bed together. In 2009, the two companies reportedly signed a "joint-purchasing agreement" to save on travel, computers, and office supplies. We wonder if Coca-Cola will team up with PBR. That might just be the dream team, right there.