Bridal Registering 101

The wants, the needs, and the must-haves of bridal registries
Bridal Registering 101

Now that we’ve prepped brides with A Bride's Ultimate Wedding Checklist and our guide to No-Fail Bridal Showers, it’s time for the fun to really begin — registering! Registering can be overwhelming for two reasons: First, you get a scanner gun, which is super fun, but second, there is no one, well besides your fiancé, to tell you to stop scanning things, which can be either really exciting or… dangerous.

When registering, there are the splurge items and there are the smart picks. A wedding registry, however, is meant to help those starting from scratch in building their kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, so there’s a little leeway. Also, keep in mind who will be buying these gifts — friends and family — so always mix in affordable items that are doable for different budgets.

This is a really exciting time, so make sure to include both of your tastes in the selection process and to enjoy yourselves!

Registry Basics: Serving Dishes

Trays and plates come in all shapes and sizes. So, whether they'll be used for serving just you and your spouse or a house full of people for a birthday or holiday, it’s good to have a few platters in various sizes.



Registry Basics: Barware and Glassware

There might be a plethora of different platters, but glasses are a whole other story. Glassware, stemware, and barware create enough terminology fit for a connoisseur — beware. To start, every newlywed couple needs champagne flutes. Then, there are the everyday glasses and for wine or beer lovers, there are pints, stems, stemless glasses… the list goes on.


Registry Basics: Pots and Pans

As mentioned before, there are splurges and there are saves — this is where couples should splurge. Quality pots and pans can really make a difference in the kitchen — they will not only help you cook better but they’ll last a long time.


Registry Basics: Serving Essentials

Getting these essentials will prepare any couple for a future of entertaining. Serving spoons, cheese knives, cake cutters, a gravy boat — these are all the little details that will play a big part when hosting, so they’re definitely must-haves. Think about what kind of parties you’ll want to have and start from there.

Registry Basics: Knives

It can seem like there’s a different knife for everything, so here’s a go-to guide about what’s what, from serrated knives to butter knives and all the edges in between.


Honeymoon Funding: Tasteful or Tacky?

For adventure lovers who aren't really into cooking or want gifts to go toward their honeymoon planning — this is a great idea. Have friends and family contribute to a dinner at a fabulous bistro in Valencia or put money toward taking a cooking class in Positano — you decide.