A Bride’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Get from 'yes!' to 'I do' with this go-to guide for the big day

The first few days and weeks after getting engaged are marvelous — the ring, the champagne, the awe, and the living-on-a-cloud. Then, that question arises: "So, did you two set a date?" Let the madness begin.

Some people have been dreaming about their weddings since they were playing Pretty, Pretty Princess and watching Disney movies. But for others, wedding planning can seem like a whole bunch of technicalities —egg shell versus ivory, embossed or pressed, and buffet, sit-down, passed, or potluck.

Couples need to choose the date, the destination, the location, the bridal party — and make sure that they're planning their dream wedding day. The task of planning a wedding should go at each couple's own pace in order to really enjoy it all — and that may or may not include the in-laws (eek!).

Whenever the wedding is, whether it's six months from now, a week away, or not for another year, The Daily Meal has this ultimate checklist to prepare for wedded bliss.


The First 3 Rules of Wedding Planning

First, each couple should talk about the details — all of them. They should hash out how much money to spend, what’s most important, and what each of them has dreamt up in their minds for the big day.


Tips for Choosing Your Reception Style

In order to come to a spot solution, decide what kind of wedding is for you. There are laid-back couples who would prefer an outdoor wedding, adventure lovers who want to take everyone along for the ride, traditionalists, romantics… Find out which style suits you in this article. And if you’re beer aficionados, we have 4 Ideas for Brewery Weddings.

How to Decode an Invitation’s Dress Code

Now that the location has been chosen, the invitation should reflect what kind of attire guests should come decked out in. Black-tie, cocktail, semi-formal, beachy? Decide on the duds and make a decodable invite to match.


Edible Accents for Your Wedding Décor

The destination, the location, the invitation, and hopefully the dress have all been chosen — how about a theme and décor? Flower arrangements, photos, favors, and all the odds and ends should all be on the same page. For food lovers, try going edible with the decorations!

6 Healthy Celebrity Weddings

vs. 7 Unhealthy Celebrity Weddings

Now, let’s talk about food. Before deciding on a menu, think about if you’re going to go all out like Beyoncé or are watch your bridal figure with a healthy menu like Reese Witherspoon? Take a few cues from celebrity couples.

5 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Food Budget

and 7 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Bar Tab

For those who want celebrity style, but can’t fit it in their budget, make it happen with these pocket-friendly tips.


10 Unusual Wedding Cakes

and 10 More Unusual Wedding Cakes

And last, but most certainly not least — the cake. Since eating the top layer of this cake a year from the big day, right out of your freezer, is a time-honored tradition, it better be tasty. Infuse your favorite flavors together in multiple layers and express who you are as a couple with the cake toppers and theme. Think out of the box; take a cue from these outrageous tiers.

Whether the event is an intimate gathering, or an all-weekend affair, your wedding should about the both of you from start to finish. Have it scream "you," and you’ll remember it 50 years from now with the same smile that you’ll wear on your big day.