No-Fail Bridal Showers

A guide to help ditch the bridal shower's bad rap and create a good time for all

Wedding season is almost upon us, and as calendars begin to fill up with bachelorette parties and Sunday nuptials, let's focus on what comes before the big day: the bridal shower. Yes, dreaded by some and beloved by others, a bridal shower is a rite of passage for the woman about to cross the threshold from single to married.

While countries around the world have varying traditions, one thing remains the same amongst them all — this day is about honoring the bride-to-be, whether her mother, sister, or dearest and nearest friends host the party.

Showers come in all shapes and sizes — some are surprises, some are themed, some are lavish, and some more budget-friendly. Whatever the party style, The Daily Meal has covered all the bases. Here is a guide to how to pull off a bridal shower that will leave her in tears — of joy, obviously!

Plan the Perfect Shower

Perfect — a term that all betrothed women would like to achieve on their big day. While the bride stresses about planning the wedding, ease her mind with a shower that truly reflects who she is, what she likes, and especially, what she means to her friends and family. With that in mind, decide on a guest list, a location, and a theme that ties all of these elements together.

Budget-Friendly Shower

Let's be honest here, weddings are expensive. Whoever is involved with the shower — parents, siblings, relatives, close pals — is highly likely to be involved in the nuptials as well, which means money already spent. A beautiful shower doesn't need to break the bank and these tips will show how.

Bridal Shower Fun & 5 Bridal Shower Games (with Cocktail Pairings)

The games — what everyone really loves about a shower, no? Though most tend to be tacky and borderline unbearable, there are a few that are actually original and dare we say it, fun. Even if these don't appeal to the bride-to-be or your hard-to-win-over guest, they are sure to be convinced by the cocktail pairings.


A Bridal Shower for Food-Lovers

If planning a shower for a bride who happens to be just a bit of a gourmand, why not integrate that into the party planning? Throw a soirée fit for a foodie by serving the good stuff: olives, cheeses, cured meats, fantastic wine, and great liquor. Incorporate food into the décor, gifting, and games as well!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Fit for a Chef

After all the games and the presents of the bridal shower, the next event on the wedding checklist is the bachelorette party. Now, while these tend to become nights of debauchery — and that is totally OK with us —here are some options for the food-loving crowd. Start with a ladies luncheon pregaming extravaganza or hire a private chef for the weekend to make the ladies a few fabulous bloody marys in the morning — those will definitely come in handy.

Often, weddings can be a strain on the bride and groom and their families, so it’s nice to make them feel appreciated at the shower and the bachelor/bachelorette parties. Stick to these tips or create your own ideas — either way, they’ll know it came from the heart.