Nominate Your Breast Cancer Heroes to Win KitchenAid Appliances

Valpak and KitchenAid are giving away 25 sets of Cook for the Cure pink kitchen items

This photo shows a small KitchenAid food processor instead of the hand mixer included in the award package, but the other items are accurate.

KitchenAid appliances are wonderful, but they’re not cheap, and they’re certainly not free. But in October, the company is joining up with coupon-distributor Valpak and the Susan G. Komen organization to award free appliances, including some that will be given to heroes in the fight against breast cancer.

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It’s a multi-step giveaway. If there’s someone in your life who has taken action in the fight against breast cancer, starting on Sept. 25, you can nominate them as a “More Than Pink” hero. Their stories will be shared in October, and 25 nominees will then win KitchenAid’s Cook for the Cure collection. It’s a special group of pink appliances that include an immersion blender, stand mixer, blender and hand mixer. 

But there’s another way to win. Look for the direct-mailer coupon envelope from Valpak in October. It’ll stand out, because while it’s usually blue, the October envelope will be pink to mark breast-cancer awareness month. A special blender-shaped coupon will be placed in 500 envelopes, and those lucky folks will win immersion blenders. It’s not quite Charlie Bucket’s golden ticket, but it’s a good real-world replacement.

“This initiative is personal for Valpak as many employees are affected by the disease in some way and we are determined to stand up and help find a cure.," said Valpak CEO Mike Davis.

If you don’t win the cranberry-pink appliances, you can, of course, buy a set yourself. Or you can shop your way through this list of 25 kitchen items you probably don’t need, but might want anyway.