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25 Kitchen Gadgets That You Probably Don’t Need — But Might Want Anyway

Let's face it — the kitchen can be an expensive place. With cookware, knife sets, and everything in between, stocking a kitchen can add up to a lot of money. Because it can be challenging to discern the difference between something you need and something you want, we often see experts in the industry doling out advice with lists of what's worth splurging on and what you really don't need in order to relieve you of stress and keep your kitchen as budget-friendly as it can be.

This is not one of those lists. This list is a collection of kitchen tools and gadgets that aren't necessary for you to have and in some cases are just absurd — but some of them we secretly want, and that's why we're telling you about them today. Others are so silly that we just had to spread the word.

3-D Safari Cookie Cutters: $12 on Fancy

Sure, 2-D cookies are delicious — but not nearly as fun as what you can make with these Safari Cookie Cutters.

Boil Buoy: $10 on Uncrate

Is that water simmering... or is it boiling? Now you'll never have to wonder about that most difficult, age-old question, because the Boil Buoy will tell you the exact moment your water comes to a boil. Once you hear the buoy ring, you'll know you're ready to go — and you'll never prematurely drop your pasta into tepid water again.

Corn Kerneler: $15 on Fancy

Sometimes you don't want corn on the cob, but rather off the cob instead. But Oh! What a mess you can be left with! A floor strewn with corn! No container to catch the falling kernels!

The Corn Kerneler by Amco does away with this frustration by easily removing the kernels from the cob in one quick motion, and storing them in a neat little compartment as it goes. The compartment can hold up to two ears of corn, and the adjustable blade can work with any cob, no matter how thin or thick. It's not available on Amco's site anymore, but you can easily find it on Fancy.com.

El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker: $30.84 on Amazon

Instead of a versatile cast-iron pan, definitely buy this single-purpose quesadilla maker. Clutter up your counter with this gadget that can perform a single task and revel in all the melted cheese your heart could possibly desire.

Flameless Grill Smoker: $29.95 on Hammacher Schlemmer

For the barbecue enthusiast, this piece of equipment makes smoking your meats easier than ever. Made of durable steel that's strong enough to be placed on a grill grate or a hot bed of coals, the flameless grill smoker allows just enough oxygen in so that your wood chips burn slowly without producing any flame. If you have too much space on your grill, and have an aversion to woodchips on the barbie, this is the tool for you.

Glide Knife Cleaning Clip: $3.95 on Amazon

Just how annoyed do you get when you can't seem to rid your blade of all of that minced garlic? It's quite the predicament: Either put yourself in harm's way, risking digits and dignity for the sake of a few sticky pieces of garlic or risk your meal being bland. Say farewell to your worries, because the Glide Knife Cleaning Clip helps you clean your blade in one swift movement, making sure you get all of your chopped food while keeping your fingers out of danger.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker: $24.99 on Website

This innovative three-part sandwich maker makes creating a fresh and homemade breakfast more convenient than ever. With three removable parts that toast, cook, and melt the ingredients for your sandwich, the contraption will give you a breakfast sandwich in just five minutes, doing away with your stop at the deli on the way to work. For more that it costs to grab a bacon, egg, and cheese from your nearest deli, you can enjoy a morning fiddling with this multi-tiered gadget.

Ham Dogger: $16 on Fancy

We probably like the name almost as much as we like the idea, but if you're looking to make your guests do a double-take at this summer's barbecue (or maybe play an April Fool's prank?), the Ham Dogger helps you mask a burger as a hot dog. What a wonderful use of your time!

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork $12.95 on Amazon

Are you exhausted after a long day? Are your children not messy enough when eating spaghetti? Never fear! The Twirling Spaghetti Fork is here!

Maverick SEC-2 Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker $21.99 on Amazon

This wonderfully decorative egg cooker is helpful for those who do not have a kitchen and love their hard-boiled eggs (students take note). If, however, you do have a working stovetop, you may as well avoid cluttering up the counter and use a traditional (though perhaps not as pretty) pan and boiling water to make hard-boiled eggs.

Meal Measure: $10 on Fancy

For us, it's hard to say no to an extra scoop of mashed potatoes, but when you're really trying to be conscious of your diet, a tool like the Meal Measure can come in handy. Designed using USDA "My Plate" nutritional information, the Meal Measure helps you portion out your plate without going overboard.

Mocubo: $39.99 on Amazon

This chic bamboo cutting board is perfect for the diligent cook who would never turn on the stove without their mise en place. Three food prep container drawers make it easy for you to prep your food while you chop away, and a mineral oil finish helps the board maintain a clean and dry surface.

The Monogrammed Barbecue Branding Iron: $58.95 on Hammacher Schlemmer

Snap up this Monogrammed Barbecue Branding Iron and use it to ensure no one eats your steak! With the rise in off-the-plate meat theft in backyards and kitchens across the country, you cannot be too careful!

Portion — Measure & Mix: $7.99 on The Smart Baker

Why use a spoon for measuring and another spoon for stirring when you can use just one utensil? The Portion — Measure & Mix spoon combines measuring spoons and a cooking spoon all in one, making cleanup and storage a simple matter for you.

Pluck: $12.99 on Quirky

For the health nut, Pluck makes it easy for you to create your healthy egg white breakfast in no time. You just have to squeeze the little plastic apparatus and it literally plucks the egg yolk right out of the whites. Definitely add this to the collection of clutter in your kitchen drawer.

Premium Quality Salad Cutter Bowl: $9.99 on Amazon

If you are in the mood for a chopped salad but lack the energy to cut it on a board (a most taxing task), just do it in the bowl! The Premium Quality Salad Cutter Bowl allows you to prep everything you need for a delicious salad directly in the bowl so there is no excuse not to eat your greens!

Prepara’s Dressing Whiz: $19.99 on Website

If you've just gotten into homemade salads and creating your own salad dressings, the Prepara Dressing Whiz helps you emulsify them perfectly, every time. An aerating propeller helps you blend the acids and fat together so you have a smooth and well-incorporated dressing. No need to dirty other dishes, either, because you can store and pour your dressing in it as well.

Quirky Citrus Spritzer: $5.23 on Amazon

Cut, squeeze, de-seed — what a lot to do for the sake of lemon juice. Who has the time for that lengthy process? We don't, which is why we'd spend $5 on this Quirky Citrus Spritzer gadget. Serrated plastic teeth allow you to easily insert the nozzle into any piece of citrus and spray away. Simple assembly makes it easy to clean, and it's small enough to squeeze (excuse the pun) into your (now overflowing) kitchen gadget drawer.

Roast Cutting Tongs: $28.95 from Kuchenprofi

Slicing a perfectly straight piece of a meat, like roast beef, can be hard when your fork and knife aren't positioned correctly (or perhaps are just not sharp enough), but these Roast Cutting Tongs make it easy for you to carve like a pro, while feeling like a medieval dungeonmaster. No need to reposition your fork every time you go in to cut, because the tongs will hold your piece of meat in place and allow you to slice right through it.

Speedy Plus Vacuum Marinater: $29.99 from Jaccard

Obsessed with your newest steak marinade that you've created? Make it even better with the Speedy Plus Vacuum Marinater. The huge plastic box comes with a vacuum pressure nozzle that allows you to suck all of the air out of its container so that the marinade penetrates your meat better than ever. The website even touts that it turns into a convenient serving platter once you're done grilling, but we're not throwing away our meat cutting boards just yet.

Sunnyside Egg Mold: $12 on Monkey Business

Here's the perfect egg breakfast to do away with morning blues. Developed by the product design studio Monkey Business, the Sunnyside Egg Mold is a highly coveted item, and how could it not be? A mold that shapes an egg into a cloud shape is something no home should be without.

The Chill Maintaining Margarita Glasses: $39.95 on Hammacher Schlemmer

If your margs are getting warm too quickly, you might not be drinking them fast enough! This Chill Maintaining Margarita Glass will fill up your freezer, and will doubtfully last more than a few rounds before it loses its "chill factor."

Trongs: Twelve for $14.95 from Trongs

Do you have trouble with messy foods? Do you love ribs or chicken wings, but hate having sticky fingers? Do you struggle with chopsticks, but hate the idea of actually touching the food you eat? Look no further — Trongs will solve all your problems and make you look super-cool in the process.

Two Way Hold Magnetic Light Grill: $34.95 on HomeWetBar.com

Here's how you solve the issue of flipping your rack of ribs in the dark without choking yourself on that flashlight clenched between your teeth. This magnetic light grill is made of a vibrant LED light to illuminate your grill during the darkest of nights, and a flexible neck and two-way holding system make it compatible for any grill you're working with.

Yellow Egg Cuber Cutting Tool $12.67 on Amazon

If you only like eating square eggs, then this is the tool for you. This Yellow Egg Cuber Cutting Tool will squash your egg into a perfect square. Are your eggs rolling around the plate so much you find them hard to eat? Do your sandwich corners disappoint with gaping egg-free gaps? Here is a tool to solve all of your boiled egg problems.