A Unique Pub Crawl Package for Beer Lovers

Bottoms up to the Cannery Pier Hotel's hops-head take on Astoria, Ore.

Room service and spa treatments are usually good enough excuses to skip town, but in case you need extra motivation, the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, Ore., has got your back. Their new Pub

Crawl package caters to all kinds of beer lovers from the adventurous novice to the connoisseur. The hotel, built over the former site of the Union Fish Cannery, extends 600 feet into the majestic Columbia River, providing guests with incredible views and plentiful amenities like a private balcony, fireplace, and a spa with a Finnish sauna (but, of course). The hotel is also pet-friendly, offering dog bowls, treats, and a comfy bed for your four-legged loved ones. (Photo courtesy of Cannery Pier Hotel)

At 7 p.m. your chauffer will arrive in a 1939 Buick Special, which will escort you to Fort George Brewery, Rogue Ale House, and the Wet Dog Cafe. Upon arrival you will receive a complimentary microbrew “certificate” to use at each establishment. You will

be amazed at the variety and selection of beers from which to choose. Among the most unique beers offered are the Quick Wit (Fort George Brewery), the Chipotle Ale (Rogue Ale House), and the Stone Cold Strong Ale (Wet Dog). (Photo courtesy of Flickr/elh70)

After your beer excursion, treat yourself to one of the many historic and natural attractions the town has to offer. You will find yourself surrounded by sandy beaches and awe-inspiring evergreens. For a delightful view of the town you can hop on the Old 300 Trolley which will pass by Astoria’s historic waterfront. For more natural beauty you can do a lap around the Riverwalk Trail or spend the day learning about this seaside town’s history in the Maritime Museum.  

Pub crawl package prices at the Cannery Pier Hotel start at $249 a night from May-June, $339 from July through September.

How to get there? Astoria is about 2 hours from Portland and 3 ½ hours from Seattle if you’re driving. You can also fly into Portland and then connect to the small, regional airport at the Port of Astoria.