Boozy Cupcakes for Your Thanksgiving Dessert Table

These delicious cupcakes pack a sweet punch

This Saucy Pumpkin is just one of the new seasonal flavors Prohibition Bakery is offering for the holidays.

The holidays are joyful occasions, but can be admittedly stressful. The thought of making Thanksgiving dinner or even attending one can evoke the best and worst feelings. Sometimes we all need a little nip to get by. To make the holidays a little sweeter and a little more tolerable, Prohibition Bakery has release a line of holiday themed booze-infused cupcakes.?

Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, owners and bakers Brooke Siem and Leslie Feinberg say their bakery name speaks true to what these mini-cupcakes are like. “You know they also used to hide booze in places during the Prohibition era. So you know it looks like a cupcake, but there’s a little surprise inside. We hid the booze right in there for you.”

Seasonal flavors include decadent cupcakes that capture fall perfectly. Starting with the Saucy Pumpkin, this cupcake is infused with pumpkin, Oktoberfest, Divine Chocolate, and sage. The Mulled Wine  with mulling spices, Bedell Cellars First Crush Red, pear brandy is perfect for the sophisticated snacker. And finally the Shiny Apple with cheddar, apple, cider spices, and moonshine that will make your mother’s apple pie look like child’s play. The best part? None of their flavors are artificial and all come from real, boozy ingredients.

So sorry, but only those who are 21 and over are allowed to buy a cupcake. Prohibition Bakery adds the booze after the cupcake is baked, so the alcohol doesn’t bake out.

And if you don’t live in New York, you can still bring Prohibition Bakery to your Thanksgiving table since the bakery ships nationwide. Or if you are brave enough to attempt this boozy feat on your own, they shared their recipe for the Saucy Pumpkin with us!

Click here to see the Saucy Pumpkin Recipe!