Restaurant Offers Bikini-Clad Shrimp-Peelers

Customers who don’t want to peel their own shrimp can have a woman do it instead
Unpeeled shrimp

Wikimedia/Rafael Ortega Diaz

Peeling shrimp is annoying, so one restaurant is now offering bikini-clad shrimp peelers to remove customers' shells for them.

Shrimp are delicious, but peeling off the greasy little shells to get to the meat inside is messy work. Now one restaurant has hit on a business model that appears to be working well for it, and is providing women in bikinis to sit by the table and peel shrimp so customers don’t have to get their hands dirty.

According to Shanghaiist, the shrimp-peeling service is being offered at a restaurant in Shenyang, China, which has a restaurant scene so crowded that publicity stunts like this are a pretty common sight, especially when they involve bikinis.

As popular as bikinis at restaurants are at the moment, it does not sound exactly appetizing to have someone’s fingernails all over one’s food, so the servers wear plastic gloves while they remove their customers’ shrimp shells.


The shrimp-peeling service appears to be pretty popular with customers, even if guests seem more interested in photographing the servers than savoring the establishment’s cuisine.