The Best Things to Eat and Drink at a Baltimore Ravens' Game

Photos from inside M&T Bank Stadium
Jane Bruce

Bell's Famous Chili got its start at M&T Bank Stadium.

We’re already more than halfway through football season, and though the Baltimore Ravens have yet to reach .500, that’s no reason not to visit their M&T Bank Stadium. Not only is it home to defending Super Bowl champions Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, and more, it’s also home to some great food

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The city of Baltimore has such a unique food scene that it was easy to replicate that inside the stadium. Everyone knows the staples of the city are crab, Old Bay seasoning, Utz chips, and National Bohemian (excuse us, Natty Boh) beer. Inside the stadium, those flavors are reflected in the Old Bay Shredded Chicken Sandwich, with sweet corn mayo and tomatoes, and classic crabcakes. The beer selection showcases Maryland's Flying Dog Brewery

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M&T Bank Stadium’s concession stands were completely renovated following the Ravens’ Super Bowl win. They installed new cooking equipment, digital menu boards, and more cash registers for faster service. With these new additions, plus some really great food, the stadium is worth a visit, even if you’re not guaranteed a win on the field.