The Craft Beer Super Bowl Is Officially On: Flying Dog Versus Anchor Brewing

The 2 breweries are making a bet on the outcome of the Super Bowl

Everyone's placing their bets on the outcome of this year's Super Bowl — and the only thing more hotly contested than a football rivalry is a brewery rivalry. 

The Associated Press reports that the two cities up for the trophy, Baltimore and San Francisco, and their legendary breweries, Flying Dog Brewery (technically based in Fredereick, Md.) and Anchor Brewing Co., have made their own Super Bowl bet. The wager: the losing brewery must not only serve the other brewery's beer in its taproom for a full week, but do it while decked out in the other team's Super Bowl gear. We shouldn't be too surprised, as Flying Dog has placed bets on previous games this season — wagering a case of rare beer on the outcome of their games against the Denver Broncos (and Boulder, Colo.'s Avery Brewing Co.) and the New England Patriots (and Boston's Harpoon Brewery). Of course, as we know, the Ravens beat both those teams — and Flying Dog is still waiting for the perfect moment to enjoy the beers. 


Of course, this one is a bit more fun — after all, a good craft beer versus a good craft beer is not a win-lose situation. Still, despite Flying Dog's confidence (after all, the brewery has won the last two bets), the people there still anticipate a close game. San Francisco and Baltimore residents, will you stand by your city's beer? Anchor Steam Beer versus the Old Scratch Amber Lager? We'll let the football teams duke it out.