The Best Sushi in Las Vegas

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Here are six restaurants – both on and off the strip – with the best sushi in Las Vegas
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Toro Tataki with jalapeño dressing at Nobu, which serves some of the best sushi in Las Vegas.

Sushi is prepared traditionally in the Tokyo area of Japan, and originated as street food nearly 200 years ago, with vendors using fresh fish from Tokyo Bay. Small pieces of raw or marinated fish are applied to bite-sized pieces of vinegar rice known as nigiri sushi. Prepared and quickly consumed as an ideal roadside bite, this raw gift from the sea is valued greatly. As sushi became more popular, it evolved, and soon migrated onto the menus of upscale restaurants. Here’s our list of the six restaurants to try in your quest for the best sushi in Las Vegas right now.

This 11,200-square-foot dining area and adjacent lounge features a sushi bar, private dining area, and circular central bar, and is the only American Nobu offering teppan tables. Don’t miss the exclusive truffle tasting experience and imported A5 Japanese Wagyu banquet prepared on Teppanyaki tables. A must-try is their signature black cod with sweet miso over garlic chips and ginger in a butter lettuce cup.

Kabuto Edomae
This new venue is making some big waves off and on the strip. Their Edomae-style sushi is exceptional. Much of their fish is imported from Japan and selected for quality and seasonality. Kabuto only serves three meals: the nigiri course for $48, the yoroi course for $80, and the kabuto course for $120. Each course consists of two main items: sashimi (small single bites of raw or marinated fish), or nigiri sushi (raw or marinated fish served on warm vinegar rice).

Sen of Japan
Sen of Japan is an exceptional go-to in Las Vegas for sushi that you are sure to enjoy, as it’s quiet, affordable, and the food is very delicious. At the helm is former head chef of Nobu (at the Hard Rock), Hiromi Nakano, and is worth the drive to this off-Strip location.

Want to see where the famed Las Vegas Chefs eat? Stop in to Raku in Chinatown. This robata venue produces culinary artistry with small plates and remains open until the wee hours of the morning.  Another hidden gem that is worth the drive.

Sushi Samba
An excellent choice for a unique sushi experience, Sushi Samba is a delightful mix of sushi and carnival. Enjoy images of Japan and Brazil as projections move continuously throughout the space on the walls and taste the flavors and cultures of Japan, Brazil, and Peru.

Fish N Bowl
This new, small, and lovely venue features entrées served in a relaxed and welcoming setting. No matter what you are in the mood for, Fish N Bowl will accommodate you with something new or some old favorites.

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