Maine Lobster
Maine Lobster

Up Your Maine Lobster Game With 4 Chef Recipes

It's the sweetest, most tender lobster in the world

Think back to the best lobster roll you’ve ever eaten. Did it happen to be in a coastal town in Maine? If so, there’s a good reason for that: During peak harvest season (roughly July through November), you aren’t getting your average lobster — you’re being served Maine new shell lobster, known as Maine’s “best kept secret.”

Now that secret is being spread nationwide. Maine lobstermen shared their secrets with Dana Cowin, former longtime editor-in-chief of Food & Wine and chefs Kwame Onwuachi, Karen Akunowicz, and Jimmy Papadopoulos, who took their talents to Maine to experience the industry first-hand. In return, their guests brought their takes on America’s favorite crustacean to Maine’s classic picnic tables.

Tune in to see the lobstermen and their newfound friends come together to highlight their adventures fishing off the coast of Maine and experiences creating exciting new recipes featuring one of America’s most iconic seafoods: Maine lobster.

Before gathering together in New York, Dana and the chefs traveled to Maine to shoot a four-part video series and get a taste of Maine lobster fishing for themselves. Check out part one of the series, featuring Dana’s fish out of water experiences lobstering in Maine.

What is the star of the show, Maine new shell lobster?
It’s the sweetest, most tender lobster in the world — the most “lobster-y” lobster you’ll taste — and it’s likely what was in your favorite lobster roll. It’s made possible by the pure Gulf of Maine seawater that naturally marinates the meat as Maine lobsters grow into their larger, newer shell after shedding their old shell. This creates an intense, more “lobster-y” flavor, with an added bonus: The delicate, soft shells are easy to open by hand, making the meat easy to eat.

During the show, the guest chefs will debut their recipes created with Maine new shell lobster, showcasing the protein’s versatility.

No-Cook Maine Lobster Piri Piri With Goosberries, Cucumber, and Avocado

Chill out with a no-cook dish brought to you by chef Kwame Onwuachi of Washington, D.C.’s Kith + Kin.

For the Maine Lobster Piri Piri With Gooseberries, Cucumber and Avocados recipe, click here.

Maine Lobster XO Dumplings With Chili Vinaigrette

Break out your chopsticks for this creation from Boston’s chef Karen Akunowicz, the 2018 James Beard Award winner for Best Chef Northeast

For the Maine Lobster XO Dumplings With Chili Vinaigrette recipe, click here.

Tempura Fried Maine Lobster With Chive Aioli, Chiles, and Dried Lime

Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos of Chicago’s Bellemore created this light, crispy tempura recipe with a delicate mix of flavors.

For the Tempura Fried Maine Lobster With Chive Aioli, Chiles, and Dried Lime recipe, click here.

Maine Lobster Boil

Enjoy the classic Maine Lobster Boil (or as Maine lobstermen often call it, “Fishermen’s Feed”) that our host Dana Cowin shared during her stay in Maine.

Even better than the taste? Knowing that behind the scenes of your delicious dinner, you’re supporting a sustainable fishery and one of the backbone industries of the state of Maine. In Maine, lobstermen have been committed to sustainability and traceability for hundreds of years, long before it was fashionable. Every lobster is hand-harvested from small day boats, one trap at a time, to protect their quality and the marine habitat.

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