Turn Fruits Into Animals and Your Kids Will Eat Them

Make apple turtles, kiwi turtles, and apple swans and your kids will eat their fruit in a jiffy

Thinkstock/ belchonock

A turtle made out of kiwi slices and apple shavings.

Fruits and vegetables — your kids screech when you insist they have to eat them. Instead of fighting with your little ones, maybe a creative presentation will point them in the right direction. Turn fruits into their favorite animals, like turtles, swans, and so much more.

If you have apples and grapes at home, give your kids cute and healthy apple turtles. All you need to do is cut the apples lengthwise and place them flat on the cutting board. Halve the grapes and attach them to the apples using toothpicks. Use the grape halves to make four feet and the head. Take two mini chocolate chips and put them on the grape “head” as eyes. Your kids will be so wrapped up in how cute the turtles are that they won’t even notice that they’re eating a healthy snack.  


Apples and grapes turned into a turtle.

You can also make a turtle out of kiwis. Slice a kiwi into a circular mound for the body and cut more slices for the feet and head.

Shutterstock/ Nastya22

A turtle made out of kiwis and apple skin.

If your knife skills are up to par, you can even recreate a swan out of sliced apples.


A swan made out of apples.

The accompanying slideshow is provided by fellow The Daily Meal editorial staff member, Angela Carlos