Get Rolling: How to Make a Sushi Burrito at Home

Learn how to make your own sushi burrito
This salmon sushi burrito can be made at home!


This salmon sushi burrito can be made at home!

Sushi burritos have taken the nation by storm. Now, instead of trying to make sushi at home, everyone is trying to make a sushi burrito. Good news for you: It’s way easier than you think!

You can use any protein you want, even steak or chicken, or you can go more traditional with tempura vegetables, salmon, or shrimp. If you’re using salmon or shrimp for your recipe, cut it into chunks, then marinate it in soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, lime juice, and hot sauce.

Spread sushi rice on your nori sheet, add avocados, sliced cucumbers, salmon, and sesame seeds. Then roll. Cut the burrito in half and enjoy!

You can even use imitation crab for your sushi burrito recipe — click here to view the California roll sushi burrito made with imitation crab, carrots, Napa cabbage, cucumbers, and avocado.