BUSH’S® Entrée- to-Chili Transformation

Entree-to-Chili Transformation

Contest winner Lauren Wyler shows you how to make her Mushroom Chicken Marsala Chili with BUSH'S® Chili Beans.

BUSH’S® White Chili Beans have a rich and deep creamy flavor

There are no rules when making chili, especially when it comes to recipe creation. You can easily turn a favorite entree into a flavorful

chili with the addition of a few select ingredients. Take chicken marsala, for instance. Pre-seasoned ingredients like Italian sausage and BUSH’S® White Chili Beans are ideal for this entrée-to-chili transformation recipe, Mushroom Chicken Marsala Chili

BUSH’S® chili enthusiast, Lauren Wyler, and winner of the “Your Chili. BUSH’S® Chili Beans.” recipe contest, wanted a chili packed with flavors from one of her favorite dinner dishes — chicken marsala. She loves how it tastes like it took all day to cook, but in reality the prep time was less than an hour. Since breading and frying chicken on a weeknight doesn’t fit into her busy schedule as a mom-of-two, she turned to the Dutch oven and BUSH’S for help.   

BUSH’S® White Chili Beans have a rich and deep creamy flavor that is ideal with her chosen proteins of chicken and Italian sausage. The beans are slow-simmered in a flavorful sauce, including garlic, cumin and onion.  The addition of vinegar, cooked-down marsala wine and a sprinkle of fresh parsley help tie it all together and bring the dish to life.

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