The 50 Best Egg Recipes In The World Slideshow

The 50 Best Egg Recipes in the World

There's almost no other ingredient that is as versatile as the humble egg, and that's why it's almost always a staple in my refrigerator. In the mornings I like to make a little egg taco to get my day started. I use one egg and scramble it with a bit of milk, fry up some green onions before adding the egg and add a little sour cream on top the warm taco! There's your breakfast – simple, easy, and delicious.

Over the years the egg has encountered its fair share of controversy in the health world. The influential Framingham study, which came out in 1948, found that eggs increase cholesterol and increase the risk for heart disease. This long-held conventional wisdom was later proven incorrect by Dr. Walter Willett, chair of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Nutrition Department. He found that although cholesterol in the blood increases your risk for heart disease, cholesterol consumption did not effect blood levels.Many studies by Willett and his colleagues since, have continually shown little correlation of cholesterol consumption to strokes or heart disease, unless a patient is at high genetic risk or has diabetes.

Whether you're on Team Egg or not, I think we can all agree that these orbs are still a useful pantry item, though you've probably grown tired of your tried and tested recipes. We at The Daily Meal have a similar affection for these golden nuggets, and to give you the opportunity to try something new we've compiled a list for you of the 50 best egg recipes.

Avocado Devilled Eggs

This is a snack that will curb all your cravings while still letting you stick to your diet plan. If you're paleo or gluten-free this is a great option.

For the Avocado Devilled Eggs recipe, click here.

Avocado Egg Salad

Finally, two of my favorite things combined to make a healthy version of egg salad. The zest gives it a nice citrus kick too!

For the Avocado Egg Salad recipe, click here.

Artichoke Mushroom Frittata

Nothing says brunch better than a filling frittata. But this recipe is sure to give your regular frittata a lift with some mushroom and artichoke.

For the Artichoke and Mushroom Fritatta Egg Recipe, click here.

Akuri Spiced Scrambled Eggs

This is an interesting combination. If you've never tried ginger in your scrambled eggs, this is must. Feel free to adjust the jalapeño to your liking.

For the Akuri Spiced Scrambled Eggs, click here.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Muffins

These savory muffins can be made in advance for an easy and nutritious breakfast on the go.

For the Bacon and Egg Breakfast Muffins recipe, click here.

Bacon and Egg Pasta

This is a creative way to get a little extra protein into your meal. I also like the texture it gives this dish. It's a garlic-heavy recipe, so just keep that in mind in case you were planning to make this for date night!

For the Bacon and Egg Pasta recipe, click here.

Basic Oeufs en Cocotte: French Baked Eggs

If you've never tried this French dish, you're in for a treat. Soft baked eggs and heavy cream make for a breakfast that is simple and easy-to-prepare, yet rich and elegant.

For the Basic Oeufs en Cocotte: French Baked Eggs recipe, click here.

Bonito Udon Broth Bowl With Poached Egg

Udon broth has become increasingly popular in recent years and why not? It's packed with protein, and the noodles give this soup a delicious texture that keeps you slurping back for more.

For the Bonito Udon Broth Bowl With Poached Egg recipe, click here.

Brain Power Egg and Blueberry Muffin Pancakes

If you're looking for a way to indulge in pancakes without feeling guilty, this is a good recipe. With coconut flour and bananas, you're sure to find a boost of energy from these beauties.

For the Egg and Blueberry Muffin Pancakes recipe, click here.

Breakfast Egg Casserole

This is a great option if you have a big crowd for brunch. It's a quick dish to make and includes some nutritious red peppers, mushrooms, and sausage for texture. It can be quite a heavy dish, so you might want to think about making a nice light salad on the side.

For the Breakfast Egg Casserole recipe, click here.

Cheese Soufflé

This is a wonderful classic dish, that might take quite a bit of time perfecting. Well worth it though!

For the Cheese Soufflé recipe, click here.

Classic Ham and Leek Frittata

There's nothing like this classic French combination. You can eat this hot or cold at any time of day.

For the Classic Ham and Leek Frittata recipe, click here.


Classic Shakshuka

Shakshuka is one of the most delicious comfort foods you can serve. I love this dish as a brunch snack or just a last minute dinner. Add some chile peppers if you like it hot! It's a little different from the yemani shakshuka as it has less ingredients.

For the Classic Shakshuka recipe, click here.

Chinese Ground Beef Egg Dumpling

These guys are gluten-free and paleo, not to mention delicious. Enjoy these to your hearts content, without the guilt.

For the Chinese Ground Beef Egg Dumpling recipe, click here.

Chorizo Sausage, Cheese and Egg Stuffed Potato

There's nothing better than a hearty baked potato when the weather starts to get a little colder. Now you can spice up your old reliable potato with a few goodies that will make it feel that much more gourmet.

For the Chorizo Sausage, Cheese and Egg Stuffed Potato recipe, click here.

Egg-Filled Breakfast Burrito

If you've had a heavy night and need a way to bounce back to reality, this is your answer. Fluffy eggs with all the deliciousness packed into one bite.

For the Egg Filled Breakfast Burrito recipe, click here.

Egg in a Hole Grilled Cheese Breakfast Burger

There's nothing like an egg in a hole to cure a hangover. This will bring you back to life in no time while putting a satisfied smile on your face.

For the Egg in a Hole Grilled Cheese Breakfast Burger recipe, click here.

Egg White Whipped Vanilla Oatmeal

This is particularly interesting recipe which I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys a good bowl of oats, and is looking to spice those oats up a little bit. It gives you a little added protein to your breakfast too!

For the Egg White Whipped Vanilla Oatmeal, click here.

Eggs and Greens Breakfast Skillet

This is such a beautiful dish. Healthy spinach and tomatoes come together for the ultimate healthy frittata. Don't be shy to add some chiles if you're looking for an extra kick.

For the Eggs and Greens Breakfast Skillet recipe, click here.

Eggs Benedict Casserole

Eggs Benedict can be a tricky thing to serve to a large brunch crowd. This casserole recipe fixes that problem!

For the Eggs Benedict Casserole, click here.

Egg-Stuffed Sweet Potato

Bacon, cheese, and potato — what's better than that?! If you're looking for an easy, reliable dinner, a baked potato is always a safe choice. Add some chili or pickled jalapeño for extra tang!

For the Egg-Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe, click here.

French Style Egg Salad

This is by far my favorite egg salad recipe. It's got so much flavor, you'll never look at the dish the same way again!

For the French Style Egg Salad recipe, click here.

Garlicky Broccoli Rabe Toast With Poached Egg

Impress your guests with this healthy and tasty brunch. One of my favorites!

For the Garlicky Broccoli Rabe Toast With Poached Egg recipe, click here.

Lobster Eggs Benedict

What's better than perfectly poached eggs and lobster? This recipe will have your guests coming back every weekend for more decadent brunches.

For the Lobster Eggs Benedict recipe, click here.

Maple-Glazed Bacon and Spinach Frittata

If you're trying to find a new way to express your love for bacon while still feeling okay about your health food choices, this is the answer. Frittatas are the bad cook's version of a poached egg, and this recipe is foolproof.

For the Maple-Glazed Bacon and Spinach Frittata recipe, click here.

Microwaved Poached Egg

If you're looking for something really simple and easy to execute this is your answer. Make sure to use an 1100-Watt microwave and a 16-ounce capacity microwave-safe mug or bowl.

For the Microwaved Poached Eggs recipe, click here.

Mini Morning Egg Bites

These are the cutest little breakfast bites you ever did see. And not only are they cute, they're healthy too! They have both spinach and chia seeds; the odd pairing makes the texture of these particularly interesting!

For the Mini Morning Egg Bites recipe, click here.

Open-Faced Scrambled Egg Sandwich With Spinach and Feta

I love a good open-faced sandwich; it's a simple easy breakfast and healthy too. Get creative with it...add some pickles or chili!

For the Open-Faced Scrambled Egg Sandwich With Spinach and Feta, click here.

Perfect Poached Eggs With Cheddar-Chive Grits and Crispy Ham

There's nothing to fear when making poached eggs. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best way to eat your eggs and well worth the learning curve especially when served with this ham.

For the Perfect Poached Eggs With Cheddar-Chive Grits and Crispy Ham recipe, click here.

Protein Packed Veggie Fritatta

Breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day, and if you can get your veggies in there with it, all the better. Then it's done and dusted. This recipe is the epitome of healthy, enjoy it after a good workout.

For the Protein Packed Veggie Fritatta Recipe, click here.

Pizza Margherita with a Poached Egg

We saved the best for last: This is the most delicious dish on this list. There's something about that egg on top of a slice that gives it that extra oomph! You're welcome. Now if you want to delve a little deeper into your pizza obsession you can check out the 100 Best Pizzas in America.

For the Pizza Margherita With a Poached Egg recipe, click here.

Prosciutto Parmesan Quiche

I love quiche, because you can eat it at any time of day and it can keep for a couple of days in the fridge. Low maintenance, low carbs.

For the Proscuitto Parmesan Quiche recipe, cick here.

Pumpkin Bacon Grits with a Poached Egg

Grits are one of the more underrated staple foods, and they make for a fantastic canvas to any egg dish. This recipe brings together a unique blend of ingredients to treat yourself to a hearty breakfast. The sweetness of the pumpkin and the salty bacon make an excellent combination.

For the Pumplkin Bacon Grits With a Poached Egg recipe, click here.

Pumpkin Custard

Pumpkin in just a have-to in the fall, so indulge in some savory-sweet flavors with this delicious custard. Pour it over cakes, ice cream, or whatever your heart desires.

For the Pumpkin Custard recipe, click here.

Rice-Cooker Frittata

There's nothing like the soft heat of a slow-cooker to cook your rice perfectly. Feel free to swap out the ingredients for whatever is in season and you'll be able to have breakfast all day!

For the Rice-Cooker Frittata recipe, click here.

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Fried Rice

This is a fresh and unusual take on a classic sandwich — the bacon, egg and cheese. If you want to try something new and have a hearty appetite, this is your guy.

For the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Fried Rice recipe, click here.

Shakshuka Yemani Basted Eggs

Shakshuka is one of the best Middle Eastern dishes, and it's relatively easy to make. Enjoy this with some pita or baguette.

For the Shakshuka Yemani Basted Eggs recipe, click here.

Simple and Easy Microwave Florentine Eggs and Bacon

The ham and egg blends with flavors that just tantalize your taste buds. Give your boring old scramble a little revampand try this — it will soon become your regular.

For the Simple and Easy Microwave Florentine Eggs and Bacon recipe, click here.

Simple Scrambled Eggs With Spinach and Tomato

Fluffy, light scrambled eggs are the best thing when they are done right. Especially when you have delicious, seasonal vegetables to go in them!

For the Simple Scrambled Eggs With Spinach and Tomato Recipe, click here.

Smoked Salmon and Egg Dip

This seems like a pretty unusual combination at first, but this is actually one of the most delicious appetizers you'll ever encounter. It's like a salmon and lox bagel on a cracker!

For the Smoked Salmon and Egg Dip recipe, click here.


These Central European egg noodles are fantastic with any roasted vegetables and are versatile enough to accompany a wide array of proteins and sauces. Experiment with something a little different!

For the Spaetzle recipe, click here.

Spicy and Creamy Tunisian Green Shakshuka

This green version of the Middle Eastern classic eschews the more common tomatoes in favor of a zesty, herbal sauce. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and it's great with a little yogurt or chutney as a side dish.

For the Spicy and Creamy Tunisian Green Shakshuka recipe, click here.


Spicy Egg Salad

I like a little spicy twang with my eggs, but if you prefer something a little blander, add some fresh herbs like dill or cilantro.

For the Spicy Egg Salad recipe, click here.

Spicy Tuna and Egg Salad Sandwich

If you're looking for an interesting way to spruce up your boring tuna sando — throw an egg on it. I've been making sandwiches for years, but the egg idea was a total game-changer. Talk about oozing with flavor!

For the Spicy Tuna & Egg Salad Sandwich recipe, click here.

Sriracha Egg Salad Cabbage Wraps

For anyone who is on a low-carb diet, salad wraps are the ultimate answer. This sriracha cabbage wrap gives that tired lettuce a little bit of a makeover, and with an extra kick of sriracha chili, this dish is sure to satisfy you.

For the Sriracha Egg Salad Cabbage Wraps recipe, click here.

Sweet Corn Quiche

It's certainly the right time to be buying sweet corn, and this quiche recipe just highlights it in the best way possible.

For the Sweet Corn Quiche recipe, click here.

Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

Making the same old hash recipe weekend after weekend can get a little tiresome. Spice up that skillet with some sweet potatoes and throw an egg on there while you're at it. Breakfast can have some style too!

For the Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs recipe, click here.

Two Potato, Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Hash with an Egg

This is the classic potato hash dressed up. If you don't like bell pepper, feel free to replace them with some squash or spinach — even feta would work really nicely. You can make a fried or a poached egg with this dish.

For the Two Potato,Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Hash with a Fried Egg, click here.

Walnut Eggnog Cranberry Bread

This is an unlikely combination, but you will not be disappointed.

For the Walnut Eggnog Cranberry Bread recipe, click here.

Zucchini-Shallot Frittata Recipe

You can experiment using a cast-iron pan for this recipe, and feel free to use French onions as opposed to shallots. I like to add a little bit of parsley into this when it's about to set. Now if you want to make breakfast even easier you can always try one of these 25 healthy breakfasts you can freeze and take to go.

For the Zucchini-Shallot Frittata recipe, click here.


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