3 Irresistible Ways to Eat Oreos

Try these new ways to enjoy your Oreo cookies
Yes, this does have Oreos in it.


Yes, this does have Oreos in it.

A chocolate cookie with crème in the middle is the perfect snack. You can now amplify your favorite mid-afternoon snack by using your Oreos to make brownies, adding matcha to the crème filling, or even adding crushed Oreos into a milkshake.

There are so many Oreo creations that you can enjoy, but these are the three most irresistible ways to enjoy Oreo cookies.

Best Oreo Smoothie Recipe

Love cookies and cream? Then you’ll love this recipe. It combines Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and coconut milk to make a thick and sweet milkshake.

For the Best Oreo Smoothie recipe, click here.

 Brownie Batter Oreos

This brownie batter Oreo cookie recipe embraces the chocolatey-brownie flavor of the cookie for a double-chocolate brownie with an added cookie crunch. – Angela Carlos

For the Brownie Batter Oreos recipe, click here.

Matcha Oreos

Make your own version of Oreos right at home. This recipe is made with a sweet chocolate shortbread cookie and gets filled with a buttercream frosting that has a hint of matcha. Matcha lovers rejoice.

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