10 Ways To Spice Up Your Morning Oatmeal

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Morning Oatmeal

Quick cooking, steel cut, and instant oatmeal are all wonderful options for breakfast. Quick cooking and instant oatmeal both take a short amount of time to cook and make for  a breakfast dish that will keep you full until lunch time. You may think oatmeal is bland, but The Daily Meal is sharing 10 ways to spice it up so you'll never complain again.

Apple Berry Baked Oatmeal

A double dose of vanilla — in both the yogurt and vanilla extract — makes this easy, baked breakfast dish irresistibly rich and fragrant. Serve at brunch, or cut into slices and pack for breakfast, to eat warm or cold. If you prefer, use other frozen fruit like sliced peaches or pitted cherries instead of berries. — Whole Foods Market

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Baked Banana Oatmeal Recipe

Bananas and oatmeal are a classic combination. Try this healthy, easy oatmeal recipe that's perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. It serves four generously, so you might even have leftovers. — Kath Younger

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Egg White Whipped Vanilla Oatmeal

Create creamy whipped steel-cut oats with egg whites instead of heavy cream or milk. Top this sweet breakfast with bananas, walnuts, and dried cranberries. —Quaker Oats

For the Egg White Whipped Vanilla Oatmeal recipe, click here.

Healthy Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal

Oatmeal gets an update with this recipe, served with chunks of brownie-like bites and fresh blueberries. — Anthony Stewart

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Hungry Girl’s Choco-Berry Oatmeal

Nothing tastes more decadent than the delicious combination of berries and chocolate. Lump them together with a warm oatmeal and you'll be starting your day off right! —Lauren Gordon

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Pumpkin and Walnut Oatmeal Recipe

This is a hearty and delicious breakfast recipe that uses pumpkin pie spice for a punch of flavor and walnuts for crunch.

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Pumpkin Irish Oatmeal

Calling all lovers of pumpkin and oatmeal: This recipe is for you. Gorgeous pumpkin bakes down into a spiced, nutrient-rich glaze that pairs perfectly with the nutty flavor of toasted oats. — Guiding Stars

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Rhubarb Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

Make an oatmeal bake with fresh blueberries, rhubarb, and oatmeal for a hearty breakfast that will taste more like dessert.

For the Rhubarb Blueberry Baked Oatmeal recipe, click here.

Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Sweet Corn, Tomato, and Pancetta

Tunisian-Style Oatmeal

Not everyone likes their first meal of the day to be sweet, so try offering this dish as a savory alternative for a weekend brunch — perfect for those who prefer their oatmeal with a hint of harissa rather than honey. — Alain Coumont and Jean-Pierre Gabriel

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