How To Use Protein Powder If You Hate Shakes

Love the nutrition but hate the odorous, chalky shaker bottles? Fear not. You don't have to succumb to gym rat culture to get the benefits of whey. Protein powder can still be a nutritional ally for your diet, whether or not you hit the gym regularly (and whether or not you own a shaker bottle).

For those of you who aren't as skilled in the kitchen, oatmeal makes for a simple, nutritious, and microwave-friendly breakfast. However, many people fall into the trap of adding tons of sugar to their bowls in attempts to make it taste better.

Throw your oats in the microwave, cook for a few minutes, and pour a scoop of flavored protein powder in when they're done. Not only does it add flavor without added sugar, it also majorly boosts the nutrition of your meal.

From mug cakes to brownies, protein powder is easy to add in to any dessert recipe. If you're nervous to go off the beaten path and try adding the powder to your usual recipe, you can find tons of recipes online.

Want to kick breakfast up a notch? Make some protein pancakes using our recipe. You can also transform the same recipe into waffles simply by using a waffle maker instead of a griddle.

Sprinkle some protein into your favorite comfort foods for a healthier version of indulgent dishes. You can make protein pizza crust, a savory frittata, or even mac and cheese. It may sound off-putting, but don't knock it till you try it! Sprinkle the unflavored version into your usual recipe and savor the results.