The Best Light Beer

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If you're going to drink light beer, these are the better choices


As light beers go, these guys are the best.

Our opinion on the matter of light beer is not terribly popular: rather than pounding back light beer after light beer, we think it’s a better call for the calorie-conscious to drink the real stuff, just… less of it. We know, we know: but you can’t shotgun high-test beer and still fit into your favorite Vineyard Vines, frat boy, and you want a real suggestion. Ok, then, here goes:  

Trader José Light Lager is the best of the cheap, readily available light beers, hands down. It’s got actual flavor (unlike Miller Light, which tastes like dirty rain water), and that flavor isn’t “kind of perpetually skunked,” (we’re looking at you, Corona Light).

When it comes to light craft beers, we have tons of opinions: as session beers have gotten more popular, the lower-calorie options are opening up. These aren’t for pounding back in order to get tipsy, though — these low-alcohol drinks are for sipping away all day long. Saison Diego from Green Flash is excellent, as is Full Sail’s Session Lager.

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This article was originally published on August 15, 2014.