9 Low-Calorie, 'Light' Craft Beers for Summer

Don't let swimsuit season keep you from enjoying a craft beer (or a swimsuit bod)

Don't sacrifice craft beers for light beers: low-calorie craft beers for summer.

With Memorial Day in our sights, it's officially time to start preparing for summer! And we've definitely waited long enough for the warmest season's arrival. What we haven't really been waiting for, though, is swimsuit season — which goes hand-in-hand with summer.

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So we started thinking about those swimsuits and realized that maybe we need to rethink our diet options — specifically the beer we're drinking that might be contributing to our bellies. But there's good news. We don't have to settle for that bottle of Michelob Ultra Light to find somewhat healthy beer.

It's true that craft beer will likely not be as low-cal as the 95-calorie light beer mentioned above. But we can opt for alternatives that are "relatively" low-cal and for the most part, low in alcohol. So why sacrifice flavor when you can get great beer for a slight (very, very slight) compromise.


We picked our nine favorite low-ish-calorie and healthy-ish craft brews. These are all very tasty and we think they're worth just a couple of extra calories. Maybe just cut out dessert instead. Click ahead to find our summer "light" beer picks.