Here Are the 6 Best Burgers in Los Angeles

Father’s Office’s namesake burger is the best in Los Angeles, according to our 2014 compilation
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The Father’s Office burger at Father’s Office scored the #4 spot on this year’s list of the 101 Best Burgers in America.

The Daily Meal recently published our 101 Best Burgers in America for 2014, and in order to compile our ranking, we assembled a list of nearly 200 burgers from all across the country, from Spruce Pine, North Carolina to Hillsboro, Oregon. We then divided these burgers by region, and compiled a survey that was taken by a panel of 50 noted food writers, journalists, bloggers, and culinary authorities from across the country, asking them to vote for their favorites; limited, of course, to the ones that they’d tried. We tallied the results, and published the 101 stellar American burgers with the most votes— and, as it turns out, six reside in Los Angeles.

The 6 Best Burgers in Los Angeles (Slideshow)

6. Double Burger, Irv's Burger, West Hollywood, Calif.

Irv's Burgers

flickr/Jessica Rossi

Being greeted by the eager-to-please Hong family that owns Irv's, and are known to draw up personalized doodles on their plates and bags, is a big part of this West Hollywood spot's attraction. But another huge factor, of course, is the juicy, old-fashioned burgers. Angelenos breathed a savory sigh of relief when Irv's reopened in a new location after losing their lease in 2013, partially thanks to a local community group calling themselves The Burger Brigade, dedicated to saving their beloved burger institution — now that's dedication.

5. Röckenwagner Pretzel Burger, 3 Square Café + Bakery, Venice, Calif. 

3 Square Caf eand Bakery

3 Square Caf eand Bakery

Chef Hans Röckenwagner is one of L.A.’s best under-the-radar chefs, and the trademarked (literally) burger at his no-frills Abbot Kinney bakery 3 Square is spectacular from top to bottom. It starts with a freshly-baked pretzel bun that might just be the best in America, topped with a perfectly seared coarse-ground 8-ounce patty. Topped with melted Swiss cheese and caramelized onions, it’s hearty and soul-pleasing. 

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