The Best Airlines for Free Alcohol

Choose these airlines for the best selection of on-board drinks

With airlines constantly cutting back what they offer when cruising at 35,000 feet, it makes sense to choose your airline based upon their free services. And what better way to decide whom to fly with than from the list from Map Happy of airlines that offer free booze?

For domestic flights, the options are shockingly small. While KLM, Air France and Lufthansa offer free drinks when going to intranational destinations, most American flights won't provide you with free alcohol when travelling within the country.

International flights, however, provide a spot of hope, with most carriers offering free drinks to travellers going abroad.  The best way to ensure you’ll get a good drink selection the next time you take off is to fly on another country’s national airline. Virgin Atlantic will have no problem serving you up alcohol (they even have a signature cocktail you can try); neither will Qantas. If you’re flying to Asia, try Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific or Korean Air to secure your in-flight alcohol.

Some airlines place restrictions on what you can order for free or the types of flights that serve alcohol. Delta does offer free drinks, but only beer and wine and only on international flights longer than six hours, so no luck if you’re jetting to London. American Airlines has a similar policy, providing free beer and wine on flights to Europe, Asia and some South American countries.

No matter which airline you choose to make your next flight as pleasant as possible, remember that increased altitude multiplies the impacts of alcohol and may exacerbate jet lag and dehydration. Even if you don't have the big bucks to fly first class, you'll be able to fly in the lap of luxury —with a glass of wine at your side, of course.