Zagat Shares Its Best of Airline Food

You'll never guess which airlines were the highest for in-flight meals

Your next in-flight meal may consist of a measly packet of pretzels, but Zagat assures us there is such a thing as good airline food. Recently, the famed food reviewer shared its top picks the best airlines for eating, and we have to admit, some of the choices are surprisng. 

It's no wonder that Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways stole the number one spot, as it's one of the only airlines to cook food on board and reach out to the best chefs to prepare in-flight meals. And Zagat's number two choice, Singapore Airlines, is known for its entrée selections like baked Chilean bass, braised ribs, roast rack of lamb, and more. Turkish Airlines also received praise for its meals (and its Flying Chef program), and Virgin Atlantic's renovated airplanes and lounges seem to be working wonders. 

Still, we're surprised by some of the other choices. Air France? Lufthansa? See who else made the cut from Zagat. And no, despite its new menu, United Airlines did not make the cut. 

Updated: The survey was not an official "ranked list" by Zagat readers and surveys; only an editorial article by Zagat.