Behind the Swinging Doors: A Look Inside Talde's Kitchen

What goes on behind the kitchen doors at Talde?
Jane Bruce

At Talde's brunch, you can get anything from chicken and waffles to breakfast ramen.

Though Talde opened just last year, it’s already become a must-visit spot for anyone dining in Brooklyn, N.Y. Dale Talde of Top Chef fame opened the restaurant on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope along with business partners David Massoni and John Bush. The food is a combination of Asian and American cuisines, with Talde’s Filipino heritage playing a part in menu-planning.

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We stopped by the kitchen at 1:08 p.m. on a Saturday, just in time to see the midday brunch crowd. The kitchen, run by chef de cuisine Andrew del Vecchio, is open, with a small bar facing it, so some diners can enjoy their meals while watching the action. On one end of the tiny kitchen is the counter where dishes go out to the servers. When you walk in the doors, there’s one line with grills and hot food on the left, and cold prep is on the right. 


The vibe at Talde is fun. They’re extremely busy, but they love what they’re doing. While del Vecchio is shouting out orders (and occasionally flipping pancakes), he laughs with his servers and watches over the dining room from above. Park Slope families, hipsters, and foodies alike sit below washing down baos, bacon pad Thai, and tater tots with bloody Marys and watermelon margaritas.