Behind the Swinging Doors: Inside the Rosa Mexicano Kitchen

What goes on behind the kitchen doors at Rosa Mexicano?
Jane Bruce

Be the bacon.

The Rosa Mexicano chain is famous for its tableside guacamole. They make it right at the table, and by the time its put in front of you you’re ready to fight your friends for who gets the first bite. The Union Square location in New York City, one of 19 total locations around the world, is bustling with both tourists and businesspeople. Nothing breaks up the workday better than a mid-afternoon margarita and some tacos. 

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We stopped by the kitchen at 12:51 p.m. on a Thursday. The lunch rush was in full swing and chef Joe Quintana was running the ship. "Nice Mexican club my friend!" he yelled to a line cook. The positive atmosphere in the Rosa Mexicano kitchen keeps things calm during the busy hours. 


"Just remember, whatever you do, do it better than them," chef Quintana told his cooks. Who’s "them"? "Every other line." In a large kitchen moving at 1,000 miles an hour, it’s hard to keep everything in order. At Rosa Mexicano, each line moves efficiently and accurately in an effort to have a perfect line that outdoes the competition.