Rosa Mexicano Launches New Breakfast-Inspired Menu

The Mexican restaurant chain to serve new "Desayuno Mexicano" dishes at brunch and late-night

cinnamon-cascabel chili stuffed French toast with caramelized plantains

If you are stuck in the frigid weather, your taste buds can to embark on a hot vacation to Mexico with Rosa Mexicano’s new menu. The Mexican restaurant chain, with locations from San Francisco to South Beach, is debuting its new Desayuno Mexicano menu Feb. 23.

The new breakfast-inspired menu is part of its yearlong Flavors of Mexico series of themed menus and cooking demonstrations. The weekend menu, available after 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and during weekend brunch until March 10 includes:  fried eggs carnitos hash (pork carnitas, chili ancho fried potatoes, fried eggs, orange-habanero mustarda), cinnamon-cascabel chili stuffed French toast with caramelized plantains, nopales con huevo (soft scrambled eggs and cactus paddle with chili and roasted red peppers), and creamy breakfast tamal topped with chili poached eggs, fried Panela cheese, and chorizo crumble.

If you absolutely fall in love with one of the honorary dishes and don’t want to see it go, don’t worry because there will be a social media poll where you can vote and help your favorite dish earn a spot on the regular brunch menu.

Future menus from Flavors of Mexico are:

March 25 – Apr. 2:  A Mexican Passover menu will feature dishes, such as red snapper, gefilte fish, pulled beef brisket tacos, and a Mexican macaroon ice cream sandwich.

June 5 – June 30: Mexican mixology will be celebrated with a tequila, mescal rum and Xtabentún infested happy hour.

July 31 – Aug. 25: Rosa Mexicano will spice up the annual Ice Cream Festival with flavors, such as guacamole de postre, chocolate negro modelo with salted cajeta and candied bacon, blueberry crema and hibiscus sorbet.

Sept. 4 – Oct. 6: The month-long Mexican truffle celebration will feature Mexican truffles added to traditional menu items.

Oct. 27 – Nov. 3:  Day of the Dead will be celebrated with menu additions, such as lobster pozole and enchiladas de mole coloradito (an Oaxacan chili pepper sauce), Dungeness crab ceviche, and pumpkin toffee pot de crème with horchata whipped cream.

It definitely looks like 2013 is going to be a very spicy year.


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