Beer Can-Lined House Becomes Houston Tourist Attraction

A house lined with more than 50,000 beer cans is now open to the public and has become a popular Houston attraction

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

This is truly the house that beer built.

For anyone who is an avid “pinner” on Pinterest, you'll see more than enough insane DIY projects, but one Texas resident was setting the trend before the Internet was created. Now, his masterpiece is finished: a house made of beer cans.

John Milkovisch, a Houston man and child of the Great Depression drank a beer each afternoon with his wife and, true to his upbringing, did not waste the cans; he saved them, according to the Associated Press.

So, in the ‘70s when aluminum siding on houses became trendy, he used these saved cans as siding, cutting open and flattening each can himself. The siding is made up of 50,000 cans that piled up by his drinking a six-pack daily over the span of 20 years. While this caused quite the spectacle, Milkovisch did it simply for his family, said Ruben Guevara, head of restoration and preservation of the Beer Can House in Houston's Memorial Park area, to the AP.

"The funny thing is that it wasn't ... to attract attention," he said. "He said himself that if there was a house similar to this a block away, he wouldn't take the time to go look at it. He had no idea what was the fascination about what he was doing."

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While Milkovisch has since passed away, his wife still lived in the house until her death in the 1990s and following their deaths, the couple’s sons continued the tradition, patching up the walls and keeping up the house. Today, the house is restored and opened to the public, thanks to Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. So put the beer can house on your to-do list for Houston visitors.