Beer-Can Chicken and More Recipes

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In today's Weekly Recipe Review, raw lemon bars, plus too many pies to count

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

LA Times
Who says chili is a fall and winter dish? Try this Southwest chicken chili from Jason's Deli.

NY Times
We wish there was enough time this summer to make all 20 of these delicious pie recipes.

SF Chronicle
A grilling idea for the weekend: grilled tri-tip roast with a corn relish.

Experiment with soda machines by playing around with sweet and savory flavors, like corn and lime, or vanilla Earl Grey soda.

Chicago Tribune
Really, you just need a good fruit crisp to enjoy summer seasonal offerings (subscription required).

Seattle Times
Strange non-summery weather aside, we're seriously craving some strawberry shortcake.

Kitchen Daily
Beer can chicken. What more needs to be said?

Portland Press Herald
Help the vegans out at your next party and serve these raw lemon bars, with the intriguing addition of fried coconut.

Washington Post
Carrot cake in the form of ice cream sandwiches? Stop it.

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Wall Street Journal
The chefs behind Philadelphia favorite Zahav shares his beautiful eggplant and red pepper salad, where eggplant is practically burnt for a rich, nutty caramelization.