Beck's Makes The First Playable Beer Bottle

Now your beer can make sweet, sweet music

For its 140th birthday, German Beer Company, Beck’s has created the first playable beer bottle

Hipsters rejoice! Now there’s a way to drink craft beer and make sweet vinyl music with the bottle.

For its 140th birthday, the German Beer Company Beck’s has created the first playable beer bottle. The company developed this unique concept after noticing the similarities between their bottles and the Edison cylinder, the device that used to play recorded sound before the invention of the modern vinyl disk that we know and love.

While this is a really cool concept, a video the company put on their website shows the technical hurdles involved in creating their birthday creation. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the engineers who made this bottle had to figure out what they would use to put into the bottle as well as how to get the sound to be clear through the glass bottle.

Although these bottles will be difficult to play on a modern turntable, it still makes a pretty cool collector’s item and conversation piece.

Because after all, records are so mainstream anyway. 


The Beck's Edison Bottle from Shine Limited on Vimeo.