Bar Crawl: Williamsburg Double-Shot Slideshow


For Fun and Games

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This Williamsburg staple is known far and wide as the best hipster fodder you can find (aside from that one secret show from that band that's too underground for you to know about). The bar boasts more than 30 classic arcade games and an always-interesting selection of more than 20 different microbrews on tap.

And if they don't like that... Full Circle Bar
If electronic video games aren't quite your brand of nerd, check out this Skee-Ball-themed bar stocked with enough lanes to keep you tossing up all night, and enough cheap beer to well, you get the idea. Settle in with a $3 Genesee Cream Ale and watch the competitive league (Brewskeeball) until you get the balls to play a game yourself.

For the Discerning Wino

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Brooklyn Winery
Half winery and half bar, this is a great place to pull up a seat and enjoy anything from a simple glass to a full-fledged tasting flight. And if you're a real devotee of the winemaking process, you can sign up with a group of friends to partake in their make-your-own wine experience.

And if they don't like that... Pinkerton Wine Bar
Laid-back is the name of the game at this quiet, neighborhood wine bar. The menu here is mostly dominated by New World wines, with a particular focus on Australian and West Coast selections. And if the candlelit scene inside isn't serene enough, you can enjoy that Australian shiraz on the relaxing patio in the warmer months.

For the Serious Hop-Head

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Spuyten Duyvil
While PBR seems to have a lock on the beer scene in Williamsburg, this bar stands as a shining beacon to all beer lovers in the city. While the menu does span the beer-making globe, the focus is undoubtedly on Belgian ales, with more than 140 rare bottles and seven taps, not to mention their hand-pulled cask ale. If beer is what you like, this is the place you'll love.

And if they don't like that...Radegast Hall & Biergarten
Yes, you like beer, but maybe Spuyten Duyvil is a little much for you. Maybe, instead of bowing your head as the bartender unsheathes a cask-aged Flemish ale, you want to shout at something and clink glasses with people you don't know. Well, there's a home for you too, friend. At Radegast, which boasts a menu of 72 beers, one has a hard time telling where the New York state line ends and the German border begins.

For People Who Think of Elderflower Syrup as a “Normal Bar Necessity”

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Here, cocktails are king. Watch as master bartenders mix up drinks that constantly aim to elevate the cocktail, using everything from housemade orgeat syrup to Kold-Draft ice cubes. Come in to peruse their ever-changing cocktail list, or, as this writer would recommend, simply give them your favorite ingredient and see what they create.

And if they don't like that... The Drink
At $6 each, the high-quality mixed drinks at this heavily maritime-influenced local bar are a steal. Although the drink list rearranges itself according to the inspiration and whim of each bartender, the bar has recently made a name for itself as a punch palace, serving up one hot and one cold option every night.

For the People Who Know Obsession Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

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Maison Premiere
The food and drink industry in New York has proven, time and time again, that while some people can do many different things successfully, sometimes the best way to go is to just obsess over doing one (or two) things very, very well. At Maison Premiere, those two things are absinthe and oysters. Stop by during happy hour for dollar-oysters to go with the 12-plus absinthes they stock.

And if they don't like that... Post Office
The drink list at this small whiskey bar focuses on small-batch American bourbons, although ryes and other whiskeys are also featured. While it can get crowded, the atmosphere is generally unfussy and easy to enjoy, just as a good glass of bourbon should be.

For People Who Love Indie Music, Tight Clothes, and Partying All Night (aka Hipsters)

Union Pool
This Hipster mecca is a beacon for everything people stereotype about Williamsburg. Here, the clothes are tight, the music is great (albeit obscure), everyone is cute in that Urban Outfitters billboard way, and the party is amazing. The place has several prominent features including the famous taco truck in the back (with the long line), the photo booth (with the long line), and the fire pit going in the cold winter months (next to that long line for the taco truck). At least the drinks (which, of course, include PBR) are cheap.

And if they don't like that... The Woods
The one bar in Williamsburg poised to out-hipster Union Pool, The Woods (pictured) is a hipster's bar fantasy. The space, relaxed yet cool, stretches from the bar to the lounge, where there is enough room to dance, and continues on to the back patio, where there is, you guessed it, a taco truck lying in wait. The space regularly houses the next big indie band playing a secret show and has a bar equipped to supply you with an adequate amount of booze all night without breaking the bank.

For Cool, Kitschy, Laid-Back Drinkin’


The Commodore
Hidden in the downtown Williamsburg strip, The Commodore is the neighborhood's premiere tiki joint, eschewing the crazy over-tiki design for a laid-back nautical theme. The kitchen here is also no joke, boasting a critically loved grilled cheese and city-renowned fried chicken, which make the fun crowd and the fruity drinks all the more enjoyable.

And if they don't like that... Pete's Candy Store
At first glance, this bar looks like the place where kitsch was born. From the laminated Chinese newspapers on the tables to the fake birds in the windows, it comes as no surprise that the bar owner is a former set designer. Still, the drinks here are all expertly made and the bar hosts a bevy of events, from spelling bees to quiz-offs. The music coming through the traincar-stage is also always on-point, ranging from rockabilly to ska, making this bar a new experience with every visit, and every visit a pleasant one.

For People Who Just Want to Drink Without Those Damn Hipsters!

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The Charleston
The place reeks of wild nights fueled by Jack Daniels and hungover-laden mornings fueled by regret, but the shot-drink specials beg for you to make the same mistakes twice. While the scene can be docile in the afternoons and weekdays, the wild weekend crowd will guarantee that the pounding in your head from the metal shows will continue even louder in the morning.

And if they don't like that... The Turkey's Nest Tavern
The Turkey's Nest Tavern (pictured) is decidedly not hipster. It never was hipster, and if the locals who come in at absurdly early hours have anything to say about it, it will never be hipster. This no-frills sports bar with super-cheap drinks hosts a crowd of locals that are more than happy to tell you about the good old days of Williamsburg — that is, when a Yankees game isn't on one of the eight TVs.