Australian Man Tries to Trick Drug-Sniffing Dogs with Vegemite

A man tried to sneak illegal drugs into a rock concert by covering them in Vegemite

Vegemite has a very distinct aroma, but it’s not pungent enough to fool drug-sniffing dogs. One Australian man learned that the hard way this week, when he attempted to smuggle MDMA, or ecstasy, into a concert by covering it in Vegemite and hiding it in his pants. The dogs were not fooled, and police thought it was hilarious.

According to the Herald Sun, 24 people tried to smuggle illegal drugs into the Listen Out music festival in St. Kilda, Australia, on Sunday, September 24. Multiple men reportedly attempted to sneak drugs into the festival by wrapping them in plastic wrap and hiding them in their underwear. The most resourceful of those fellows actually covered the plastic, drugs, and himself in a thick coating of Vegemite, thinking the scent of the popular Australian yeast spread would make the drug-sniffing dogs unable to detect the drugs.

"One smothered his MDMA in Vegemite believing the dog would not be able to detect his drugs. Wrong!" said Port Phillip Acting Inspector Stuart Bailey.

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People are constantly trying to sneak illicit materials into concerts and sporting events. One British woman recently made the news for trying to smuggle an entire bottle of vodka into a horse race by hiding it in a salami sandwich. That wasn’t very effective, either. Vegemite may be one of the strangest things Australians eat, but it won’t distract professional, well-trained drug-sniffing dogs. The amateur smuggling attempt sure amused the officers at the scene, though.