Woman Caught Trying to Smuggle Vodka by Hiding It in a Sandwich

Security guards found a whole bottle of vodka hidden in a woman’s sandwich

Security guards at a U.K. racetrack were amused to find a whole bottle of vodka hidden inside a woman's salami sandwich.

Move over, Sherlock Holmes. The security guards at the Southwell Racecourse in the U.K. must be some of the most observant people around, because last week they caught a woman trying to sneak into a horse race with a bottle of vodka hidden inside a sandwich.

Concessions prices at movies, races, and sports and music events are notoriously high, especially for alcohol. A lot of people try to avoid the high prices by sneaking illicit food and drinks past security in purses, pockets, or backpacks, but last week a woman took it a step further. According to the Telegraph, she tried to smuggle a 350-milliliter bottle of vodka into the racetrack by hiding it inside a large baguette and trying to pass it off as a sandwich. She even wrapped the bottle in salami and tomato.

The salami sandwich was a very good disguise, but Southwell security guards noticed something was wrong as soon as they picked up the woman’s bag. A bottle of vodka is a lot heavier than any normal sandwich.

Southwell Racecourse staff thought it was so funny they posted it to their Twitter feed. According to Fox News, staff would normally confiscate the food and alcohol, but this time they were so impressed with the woman’s ingenuity, they told her they’d keep it at the office for her and she could have it back after the race. She ever came back for it, though.


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