Mafia Fugitive Found Running Pizzeria in Spain

A wanted mafioso was finally found in a pizza restaurant in Spain
Pepperoni pizza


Police have been searching for years for a fugitive mafioso who was just discovered running a little pizza restaurant in Spain.

In a scene like something out of a movie, European police finally tracked down a fugitive mafioso for whom they’ve been searching for several years, and it turns out he was running a little pizzeria in Spain the whole time.

According to The Local, 44-year-old Pasquale Brunese is a suspected member of the Camorra crime family in Naples, where he was arrested in 2007 for possession of cocaine and heroin. He managed to escape after his arrest, and police were not able to find him again.

Brunese was reportedly sentenced to nine years and nine months in prison for extortion, drug trafficking, and organized crime, but Brunese never served any of it, because police couldn’t find him.

Brunese was finally found last week when police in Spain arrested him at a little pizza restaurant called A mi Manera in Puerto de Segunto in the Mediterranean port of Valencia. Brunese had been running the place under an assumed name,  


Brunese was taken away from his cute little pizzeria and will have to go before Spain’s top criminal court. Italy has asked Spain to send Brunese back home to Italy so they can put him in jail.