Police Bust Mafiosi Behind Europe's Biggest Chocolate Heist

European police say the mafia was behind the theft of 287 tons of Swiss chocolate
Lindt chocolate


European police say the mafia was behind the theft of 287 tons of Swiss chocolate worth $8 million. 

In 2014 more than 287 tons of Swiss chocolate worth nearly $8 million were stolen, and now police in Italy say they’ve caught the mafia gang responsible.

According to The Local, Italian police have arrested 48 members of the 'Ndrangheta mafia family from southern Calabria. The mafia members reportedly were also dealing in stolen drugs, guns, and even flowers, in addition to the largest chocolate heist in recorded history.

The mafia members allegedly stole 287 tons of chocolate from Swiss chocolatiers Lindt & Sprüngli in 2014. The loss was estimated to be worth about $8 million. 

Police became aware of the theft when they found 5,000 boxes of Lindor chocolates worth about $1.7 million in a storehouse in Naples. At that point Lindt & Sprungli confirmed that it had lost nearly 300 tons of chocolate to thieves.

The stolen chocolate was reportedly sold in Italy, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland.

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"This operation has shown that the 'Ndrangheta families today have the financial and human means to colonize outside their home territory," said Rome deputy prosecutor Michele Prestipino.